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Cooper Alan in Ottawa

Cooper Alan in Ottawa stops by on his latest tour to bring the party to town, and did he ever put on a show! The Bronson center played host to this packed show and because Cooper is newer on the scene we were all on the edge of our seats.

Graham Scott Fleming

Graham Scott Fleming Opening the show for Cooper Alan is a Canadian lad from Elmvale, Ontario. Graham came out on stage all smiles. He brings good vibes along with his amazing voice. Graham is an incredible performer and gives it his all on stage. Graham is definitely someone who should be on your playlist! You can even catch him at Boots and Hearts on August 12th!

The Main event

If you haven’t heard of Cooper Alan and you’re a country music fan, stop what you are doing and go listen to this man! With over 8 million followers on TikTok and another half million on Instagram, Cooper Alan is on the path to becoming the next biggest star in the country music scene! As the band starts to walk on stage dancing and vibing to House Of Pains’ Jump Around, which transitioned to Kid Rock’s Bawaitaba. That’s when Cooper stormed out giving his own little spin on the iconic jam. Cooper Alan has an enormous amount of great energy from start to finish.

He is all smiles and a great performer. Just a few songs in Cooper jumped off the stage and up against the barricade so he could hang out and sing along with the crowd. Cooper makes it a point to let his fans know that this show is about bringing everyone together and having a good time. Even though Cooper was born and raised in North Carolina, he takes the time to do some covers to pay tribute to some of Canada’s greatest artists such as Nickelback, Avril Lavigne, and Celine Dion. Cooper Alan brings so much good energy, emotion, and unity to his shows. It’s really no surprise to see the success and growth he has had in such a short amount of time

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