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A Sold Out Unforgettable Night

Corey Taylor’s solo world tour came in hot and heavy to The Paramount in Huntington, New York. This was the first sold out show on the 37 date tour, which Corey thanked his dedicated crowd immensely. Corey couldn’t have picked better openers to get the night started and hype the crowd up!

Luna Aura

Luna Aura started the night off with good spirits and a high energetic vibe! Luna Aura is well known for their song “HONEY,” which has a whopping 14 million streams. Luna Aura captures the rock and roll aesthetic to a tee, their music transcends you into a world of fun. Luna Aura originated from California and has joined Corey Taylor on his solo tour, gaining traction and welcoming new fans every night. Lead singer Luna has been no stranger to the music scene and songwriting, and she discovered her passion for singing, songwriting at age 11. If you haven’t yet discovered Luna Aura, I highly suggest checking them out! Their music is feel good, with rock and roll influence. 


The iconic band, Wargasm from London hits the stage in Huntington New York and the venue becomes absolutely eclectic! The British, electronic rock band had fans on their toes all night, dancing, singing, headbanging, and feeling the music in every way possible! Wargasm’s set is absolutely striking, grabbing in fans attention and not letting go throughout the entire performance. Wargasm is well known for their song “Bang Ya Head (feat. Fred Durst, lead singer of Limp Bizkit.) Wargasm is featured on spotify’s “Alternative Metal, misfits 2.0, and new nü,” featured playlists. Wargasm and Luna Aura couldn’t have been better picks for openers!

Pre Show with Corey Taylor

Ooohh boy where do i begin? I was lucky enough to acquire a stage walk VIP pass for Corey’s sold out show at The Paramount which gave me a deeper insight into the mind of Corey Taylor. To start the stage walk experience off, soundcheck! Corey soundchecked a few of his most loved songs including “Bother,” which had us all singing along! Corey and his band which includes Eliot Lorango (bass), Zach Throne (guitar), Christian Martucci (guitar), and Dustin Robert (drums) are by far some of the funniest, kindhearted people I have ever met! During soundcheck Corey was clowning the crowd by continually playing Jack & Diane by John Mellencamp before breaking out into his hit songs! Corey has a unique way with supporters, making you truly feel seen and heard, it was like talking with an old friend! Seeing the way Corey interacts with fans was heartwarming and showed his true self! From soundcheck, to pre-show ritual of funny chants, lots of jokes from Corey, the night was unforgettable! 

Closing Off The Night

Corey performed a wide variety of songs from his band Stone Sour, Slipknot, and even his solo albums! His setlist included “Snuff, Absolute Zero, Bother, Through Glass, We Are The Rest, Duality,” and many, many more. Taylor’s show was by far one of the most energetic performances I have seen, his stage presence is unbeatable. From fan interactions to heavy vocals, comedy sets on stage, there is nothing Corey Taylor can’t do! Checkout Corey and the amazing lineup he’s curated on his World Tour!

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