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Counting Crows in Jersey

It was a hot July night and this was set to be a great show with Counting Crows in Jersey. Two great bands that have been wowing fans for years were about to bring a party to town and I was on deck ready to go.

A Dashing Time With Dashboard Confessional

Counting Crows could not have picked a better opener for their show. Despite the heat fans were focused on the heat Dashboard Confessional brought to the PNC Banks Arts Center stage. Throughout their entire performance they had fans engaged, and present at the moment. Dashboard Confessional is an extremely energetic, crowd-grabbing band. With weather conditions nearing the 100s, the band never missed a beat or lost their energetic feel. You could feel the energy radiating throughout the venue.

Summer Heat with Counting Crows

They always say music brings people together and that was prevalent the second Counting Crows hit the stage. Their crowd brought in many different people, who are all bonded together for their love of Counting Crows’ magical music. You could smell, feel and hear summer in the air tonight, Counting Crows is the soundtrack to summer. From the second they walked on stage, started strumming their guitars, and beating the drums, fans were taken off their feet.

Counting Crows who are on the Banshee Season Tour played a wide variety of songs, and you can feel the emotion with each and every one. Fans left with smiles from ear to ear, music in their hearts, and a feeling of unity. Fans were hooked on every word some singing along others moving as if they couldn’t help it. Counting Crows is a must to see in concert, in the meantime take a look through my lens. Tonight was definitely one to remember. Make sure if you get a chance check out any of the remaining dates on this tour.

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