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Pre Show with Crown The Empire

Crown The Empire, a metal band from Texas was created in 2010, and are still making music and are prevalent in the metal music scene. Crown The Empire has released many albums and singles throughout the years from 2012 to now, with their most recent release of “DOGMA.” I got the pleasure of snapping a few pre-show pictures of the boys in action. After spending some time with them pre-show and all their heavy energy, I knew fans were going to be in for a treat! 

Crown The Empire Hits The Stage

Crown The Empire makes their entrance onto the stage and fans go wild, headbanging, singing, screaming, you name it! Crown The Empire played a show for fans in an intimate venue, you could physically feel the heat and energy all around you! Crown The Empire made a setlist specifically curated for their supporters who attended! They played one of their most streamed songs “Superstar (feat. Remington Leight) off their most recent album “DOGMA.” There wasn’t a single part of the venue that wasn’t packed with adoring fans, merch lines were stacked up, the love was flowing from everyone for Crown The Empire.

Ending The Night Off

Crown The Empire plays one last song, and thanks fans profusely for being there with them! Although fans were upset that their set was over, they couldn’t help leaving with smiles and high energy. Multiple fans left, leaving speechless and stating how they “couldn’t wait for them to return.” Overall, Crown The Empire put on an incredible show, if you haven’t seen them perform live yet, it’s an absolute must! They were some of the most down to earth people I have ever met and extremely dedicated to their music and fans especially. After seeing that performance, I will definitely be catching another show and so should you! 

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