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Dallas Smith – Some Things Never Change

So we got to check out the Dallas Smith – Some Things Never Change Ottawa stop of the tour and it was fun for sure. I’ve been lucky enough to see Dallas several times and he always knows how to bring the party to town. The tour started out in western Canada and made its way around finishing off in Toronto and Dallas brought along a handful of his amazing talent friends.

Manny Blu

Opening out the night for everyone was Manny Blu. I have personally never seen Manny live but he for sure brought some energy. The first thing you notice about Manny is the neon shoes because boy do they stand out. Manny brings an amazing mix of rocking in roll style with a country swing and you are forced to enjoy it all by seeing how much fun he has on stage. Playing a mix of his tunes the crowd was hooked from start to finish and made a good start to the night.

Jojo Mason

Now I have enjoyed the off Jojo Mason song before but this was the first time I got to see him live which was exciting. Jojo exudes energy and happiness on that stage which just makes you smile as you sing along with his tracks. He took the time to pepper in some small notes about some of the songs including one for his wife who was watching as he performed his heart out. One of my favorite moments was the country rendition of No Diggity by Black Street bringing a little funk to the country crowd and the Canadian Tuxedo to round out the whole set you can’t go wrong!

James Barker Band

This 4 piece band formed back in 2015 brings some great energy to the stage and is named after the energetic front man James Barker. I’ve not seen them live in a long time so it was a nice way to catch up with their music. They made sure to play a mix of old and new so everyone got a little of what they wanted to hear. James at one point jumped into the photo pit to get a little closer and interact with the fans a bit and the rest of the guys rocked out that stage. He even traded hats with one of the fans just showing how much he enjoys the time with the people.

Dallas Smith

Dallas is a seasoned performer and didn’t disappoint this time around either. He hit the stage and the crowd went nuts like expected. One of the things he loves the most is getting up close with the fans shaking hands and connecting as much as possible. The band made sure to keep the party going rocking out and showing their skills like they do best. It’s always fun when the tour brings out a fun stage kit and lighting which was absolutely amazing for this one. I hear through the grapevine the tour brought as long everyone needed to make things go as smoothly as they can and it showed.

I for one love a good country show and this stop on the Dallas Smith – Some Things Never Change was a great way to spend a Monday night. The venue might not have been sold out but it sure was a crazy night of people dancing, singing, and beer drinking. I always look forward to seeing Dallas when he’s in town, especially when he brings his amazing friends along for the ride.

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