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David Kushner and Chance Peña Hit the Stage in The Big Apple

David Kushner in NYC, what could be better!? After a long awaited time, David Kushner makes his return to New York City accompanied by Chance Peña on his ‘Daylight Tour 2.0.’ Fans exclaim that it’s always a good time when David Kushner is in NYC and I was there to capture the nights festivities. This tour date has been one of the most highly anticipated dates, leaving fans in a frenzy to secure tickets! Sold out venues, high energy, engaging crowd presences, what can’t Kushner and Peña do!? 

Chance Peña

Starting the night off is Chance Peña, a 23 year old sensation who has been in the industry since age 15 appearing in Season 9 of the iconic television show, The Voice. Chance does it all, from co-writing ‘’Conversations In the Dark,’” for John Legend’s studio album “Bigger Love,” to creating music for television and film, Chance is dedicated to no end. Peña has recently released a new EP “Lovers to Strangers,” featuring his hit song many know titled “In My Room.” Chance has a well deserving 151 million streams throughout multiple platforms including popular app tik tok with a whopping 5 billion views. With all of the hard work and dedication Peña puts into his art, this is well deserved and fans are lucky enough to be able to see these creations come to light on headlining artist David Kushners, ‘The Daylight Tour 2.0.’ Chance hits the stage and the crowd erupts in screams, tears, and pure happiness. Fans couldn’t be more elated to be able to sing songs with Peña. Chance’s stage presence is fiery while also being extremely interactive with his supporters, Chance is seen taking multiple fans’ phones on stage and taking selfies with them throughout his set. 

David Kushner

22 year old Chicago native, David Kushner rose to fame on TikTok where one of his most well known songs, “Miserable Man,” skyrocketed to an astounding 96 million streams on streaming platforms. David Kushner is known by fans for his silly personality and mind blowing voice. Kushner taught himself the ins and outs to music and instruments, discovering he could sing just after finishing the 12th grade. David is a very unique artist, keeping himself away from the negative sides to the industry and being in tune with being present while creating his art. Fans stated they have been lined up since the night prior in anticipation for The Daylight Tour 2.0 to hit Webster Hall, and boy it did! Kushner enters the stage and the night begins. David starts off his set with popular song “Dead Man,” and a variety of songs came to follow including “Georgia Rain, Mr Forgettable, Cigarettes, Look Back & Laugh,” and many more. You can tell by the fans reactions that this setlist was especially curated for David’s supporters. There is an outpour of love and admiration throughout the entire night, and that love was shown back tenfold by David who thanks his fans immensely. Fans are heard exclaiming that hearing Kushner’s songs live healed them in various ways. David’s deep, and enchanting voice will echo throughout Webster Hall for years to come as well as the impact this performance had on diehard fans. If you are unfamiliar with David Kushner I can’t stress it enough to check his music out. Join Kushner on social media where he posts funny TikToks showcasing his personality and stays true to himself and dedicated followers! Catch David on the remaining dates of his Daylight Tour 2.0, you’re in for a treat! 

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