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Day 1 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022

Day 1 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022. It’s been a long time since the city has seen this festival and boy did we miss it. Opening up the whole show was the amazing Sarah McLachlan who has an iconic career, to say the least. Getting the stage warmed up was acts like Jessia, Alessia Cara, and even Ottawa’s own Alanna Sterling to name a few.


Starting out the festival is the massively talented Jessia. She took to the stage with lots of energy as one would expect from her and she made use of every piece of the stage. Opening a festival is always a daunting task but she made it look easy. Playing a mix of her tracks including her massive hit “I’m Not Pretty”, she had the whole crowd moving and singing along…. a great start to the show.

Deanna Petcoff

Wasn’t familiar with Deanna Petcoff so wasn’t sure what to expect. She has a very almost delicate way about her vocals. She brings a calm and collected vibe about how she handles her music and has some good storytelling with her lyrics. The crowd were loving the vibe the whole time.

Alessia Cara

No stranger to Alessia Cara and love when she comes to town. She brought a full band along to fill out per performance and made sure to rock out all the biggest hits. Her stage kit was amazing with great visuals and she even brought a bed to the show

Alanna Sterling

Alanna Sterling is one of Ottawa’s own stand-out talented artists. Always making sure to showcase a unique style with the use of colors and patterns you for sure cant miss Alanna on stage. One of the most unique and talented vocalists in the city Alanna and the band played to a huge crowd displaying the immense talent on all the instruments along with that voice.


The amazingly talented Bombino made sure to bring great energy to the stage. The outfits were spectacular to round out the whole performance. There was some great solo work done to showcase the skills and who doesn’t love a keytar!

Sarah McLachlan

The iconic Sarah McLachlan closed out the night. It’s crazy but her voice sounds the same if not better than the albums. The whole band was amazing, with Sarah making sure to play all of her best hits.


She commanded the stage playing guitar and piano along with the band with a standout opening night performance.

Day 1 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 is a wrap and we are ready for Day 2 tomorrow with Jack Johnson headlining the second night. Make sure if you don't have your ticket you get them while you can!

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