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Day 3 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022

Day 3 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 was sold-out with Luke Combs headlining the night. The crowd was insane and they came to party!

Kellie Loder

Kellie Loder opened up the Sirius XM stage for Day 3. We got to chat with Kellie in the past for a Spotlight so it was great to catch a live show. The Sirius stage is such a nice spot with a great view and an awesome tent with bleachers so you can enjoy the music. Kellie chatted with the fans and made sure to bring some happy vibes to the crowd.

Gavin McLeod

Gavin McLeod opened up the River stage which was fun—slated to be here before covid Gavin finally hit the stage with the band. The crowd started small but when the first song started it filled up quickly. I’ve never heard of Gavin before and it was fun.

The Revivalists

The Revivalists are up next. We were excited for this one because the story was these guys were really fun live…..and the stories weren’t wrong. Frontman David Shaw brought all the energy to the fans who at this point had packed the front of the stage. The music was amazing and the band had so much fun on stage it was amazing and a stand-out show for the night for sure.

Group Project

We headed over to see Group Project on the River stage before the main event. Hailing from Montreal this group was new for me but they were really fun. They brought some energy to the stage, sprinkled in a little funk, and had a lot of fun. We stayed for a while to check out the show and these guys made a new fan out of me for sure. And the Bassist was having absolutely the best time out there…loved it.

Luke Combs

Luke Combs literally brought everyone out to party as Bluesfest sold out for Day 3 and man was the crowd-packed. Luke had so much fun on stage and you could see it in his face. He told some stories about his coming up in music and getting to travel to crazy new places he never thought he would have been. In one song he played, he told the story about thinking about his Wife and not being there with her so he wrote that song for her. Luke is also out there doing his thing just 2 weeks out from being a new father. The crowd was absolutely insane trying to get out of there also!

Day 3 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 is a wrap and we are ready for Day 4 tomorrow. Alanis Morrisett in the main stay for the night s get ready!

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