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Day 7 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022

Day 7 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 made waves with both Luke Bryan and The Tea Party closing out the night. Great end to day 7 for sure!


Sacha may have been 45 minutes late due to plane delays but she was worth the wait. She still played her whole set and the crowd was loving it. Sacha has been on our radar in the past with a delightful interview which you should check out!

Caitlyn Smith

Her outfit was to DIE for! Caitlyn’s voice is unmatched in this genre. Her stage presence and audience engagement is why she was asked to perform at Bluesfest. She has the crowd singing along to all of her songs from start to finish. 

Wide Mouth Mason

My first band on the river stage was Wide Mouth Mason. This rock band had the country folk tapping their feet and shaking their heads! Being largely popular in the late 90s and early 2000’s it’s awesome to see these guys still rocking.

Luke Bryan

Luke Bryan. The man. He literally popped up through the floor of the stage to end the night in true country start fashion. I have also NEVER seen a crowd scream as they did for Luke Bryan’s set. The whole crowd was singing to the top of their lungs the whole time, I could even hear them as I was over the bridge and getting in my car. He played all his classics and some! This is an artist that if you did miss, I feel bad for you! 

The Tea Party

Rock & Country in one day? Yes, pleahasThe deep-voiced, rocker front man Jeff Martin took control of the River stage to end the night. The Tea Party have been a staple in Canadian Rock so it was no surprise seeing this crowd as big as it was. We were lucky enough to chat with drummer Jeff Burrows a little while back so you should check it out. This was a perfect band to send out the night. 

Day 7 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 ended with powerful guitar and fans screaming! Day 8 brings something crazy you don't want to miss

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