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Day 8 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022

Day 8 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 brought one of the most anticipated shows of the year with Rage Against the Machine making the ground rumble! One of the biggest shows of the whole festival and completely expected, the crowd was insane and the day was amazing.

The Commotions

Starting out the day is The Commotions on the Sirius XM stage. This group brought a great vibe to the intimate stage under the tent and they had some fun doing it! A full band in tow with a horn section made sure to grab the attention of the crowd and get them moving with a little Motown feel. Great way to start.


Next up opening the River Stage is the indie folk band from Aylmer QC, Okies. One of the biggest things Bluesfest loves is showcasing some amazingly talented artists around the national capital region which always makes for a good time coming to the festival. While folk music isn’t exactly in my wheelhouse, I noticed how much fun the band was playing on stage their music doing what they love.

The Day Dreamers

I was able to pop in quickly and check out a part of The Day Dreamers set inside the Barney Danson Theatre. It’s been hard this year not being able to catch everyone’s set with time constraints but getting to catch this folk-rock band was a fun little interlude between running to other stages.

Run The Jewels

It’s time to open the main stage now and Run The Jewels was the perfect choice. Killer Mike and El-P are such a dynamic duo on stage. These guys bring energy from the start and have fun doing it. Killer Mike was working that stage and as a big man myself, he made me tired just watching him. I’ve never seen them live and I was blown away by just how much fun their set was and the vibe they brought to the stage.


Up next is Ludic on the River Stage. I was familiar with Ludic from a previous interview so I was excited to see them live and put some faces to the names. The 3 piece from Vancouver was actually really fun to listen to bringing a little funky vibe to the bright stage by the water. I stayed for a while to take in the music and it only increased my enjoyment of seeing them live finally.

Rage Against the Machine

The reason most people came to the festival tonight and the long overdue Rage Against the Machine was finally here. Zack De La Rocha hurt his leg during the start of the tour but he was not going to let that stop him. He finished that show sitting on a speaker box and had to be carried off at the end and kept that going. Even though Zach wasn’t able to move around he was bursting with energy so much so you could feel it with him sitting down. Tom Morello absolutely did what he does best and shredded that guitar as the massive crowd went nuts the whole time. They played all the favs so everyone got a piece of something they loved. By far the stand-out show of the whole festival at this point!

Day 8 – Ottawa Bluesfest 2022 was insane. Rage Against The Machine was nuts! Tomorrow is Ja Rule and TLC so get ready.

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