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Death From Above 1979 in Halifax

Last Saturday night at the Light House Arts Centre was a busy one, with the venue hosting the long-awaited return of Death From Above 1979 in Halifax. The band is currently touring the 20th anniversary of their chart-topping debut album You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine. The Toronto punk rock quartet The OBGMs opened the night with their own fierce set.


This was my first introduction to The OBGMs, and they absolutely blew me away. Their sound is a captivating blend of classic punk and hip-hop, brought to life by their relentless stage presence. Haligonians were thrilled to see a familiar face in the band – Simon Outhit, formerly of the Halifax-based 2010s band “We’re Doomed,” looked ecstatic shredding guitar alongside his bandmates. Their lyrics hit hard, tackling themes of heartbreak, relationships, and discrimination. Vocalist Densil McFarlane connected with the crowd, encouraging us to “tell our friends” about their music and the energy they bring to every performance. I thoroughly enjoyed their set and hope they make another visit to Halifax.

Death From Above 1979

You’re A Woman, I’m A Machine dropped 20 years ago and it’s still just as hard-hitting as it was back then. Getting to experience a live performance of their debut album front to back was incredible, made even more special by the band’s first performance of the album’s title track since 2017. This duo is loud; I could feel the bass and kickdrum in my chest, and I loved it. This band is explosive when on stage, tearing through their setlist with very little rest time between songs. Drummer and vocalist Sebastien Grainger did take a moment after their full album set to chat with the crowd, even making a joke at his own expense about his lyrics to the song “Pull Out” being “the worst lyrics he’s ever written.” They wrapped up their set with a two part encore, which included a throwback to their 2002 EP Heads Up.


The venue was packed wall to wall with a sold-out crowd and the beer flowed plentiful. It was a punk rock concert in its finest form, one that Halifax had been eager for and continues to buzz about. It was a fantastic night of loud on the East Coast that won’t soon be forgotten.

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