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A Night with Jinjer, Breaking Benjamin, and Disturbed at PNC

Jinjer, Breaking Benjamin and Disturbed brought nothing short of an unforgettable night! The music was bumping, fans were screaming, and I was on deck ready to capture the nights events! 

Jinjer and Their Unforgettable Performance

Jinjer hit the stage with their unique outfits and rockstar vibe! Lead singer of Jinjer, Tatiana Shmayluk has one of the most powerful voices I have ever heard! From her guttural grows to beautiful harmonies, there is nothing she can’t do! Musically and as far as stage presence goes Jinjer is one of the most energetic, eye grabbing bands. You can tell from the second they step on stage that they are giving it their all, and more! Jinjer is a Ukrainian band who has endlessly shown their love and support for the events going on in Ukraine. Their love for music is just as deep for their love to spread awareness and bring light to a dark situation. Jinjer is definitely a band you want to check out, and if you are lucky enough to get the chance to see them perform live! They radiate rockstar energy! 

Breaking Benjamin Rocks the House

Breaking Benjamin hit the stage with an additional band member, Benjamin Burnley V, lead singer Benjamin’s son who was playing guitar alongside the band. The touching father son moment had fans in tears at one point as Benjamin looked up at his father with such admiration. Breaking Benjamin had unique visuals shown behind them as they performed some of their most loved songs such as ‘Failure, Breathe, and Until The End.’ Fans went crazy throughout the entire performance! You couldn’t take your eyes off the stage, they had everyone in a trance with their incredible music skills and soulful vocals. Breaking Benjamin live is a must see, you won’t be disappointed! 

Disturbed Gets Down With the Crowd

Disturbed tore down the stage with their incredible music for the first second the curtain dropped! Pyro followed, and energetic harmonies as well as instruments flowed seamlessly throughout the night. Disturbed’s lead singer David Draiman was seen wearing one of the most unique pieces of clothing I have ever seen! They knew just how to engage the crowd. Fans were transported into a music trance! There were multiple fans who traveled states away to see Disturbed perform live and were left speechless at the mindblowing performance. Join Disturbed on their ‘Take Back Your Life Tour,’ it will be an experience you will never forget

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