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Out of The Shadows Tour Welcomed by New York City

Drinks are flowing, smiles are showing, Escape The Fate in NYC, what could be better? Escape The Fate headlines the “Out of The Shadows Tour” in New York City accompanied by Garzi, Stitched Up Heart, Point North, and Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows (D.R.U.G.S.) A powerful lineup leaves the fans having one of the best nights of their lives. Head-banging, crowd surfing, insane visuals displayed, heavy vocals, you name it!



Garzi, 26 year old rapper/hip-hop artist is first to hit the stage out of many bands! Garzi warms the night up and opens the pit up. Garzi has been known to always be creative and put passion into everything he does. Garzi’s songs are created with such emotion you could physically feel it. Garzi is well known for his EP “Careful What You Wish For,” which features songs “MESS (with Kellin Quinn of Sleeping Sirens), HELLO//GOODBYE, SEE ME NOW,” and more! 

Stitched Up Heart

Stitched Up Heart, a Los Angeles originated band has fans captivated from the second they entered stage, sporting gothic attire and a haunted theme. Frontwoman Alecia “Mixi” Demner, created the band in 2010, Stitched Up Heart has released 3 hit albums since 2016 which include “Never Alone (2016), Darkness (2020), and their most recent release To The Wolves” which was released on September 1st 2023, 7 days prior to their return to New York City. Stitched Up Heart has a stage presence you can’t forget! From Demner’s hauntingly captivating appearance while sporting a long black gothic dress, to Randy Mathias dominant bass skills, to Merritt Goodwins heavy guitar abilities, the band fully immerses you in a world of rock. Stitched Up Heart is a must see band live! If you are unable to catch Stitched Up Heart live, I heavily suggest checking them out on all streaming platforms! I had the pleasure to chat with Mixi, Mathias, and Goodwin after the show. They are extremely down to earth people who have a true love for their craft. 

Point North

Next up on the lineup, rock band Point North brings the heat! Point North has an extremely engaging stage presence. Point North is well known for their songs “Safe And Sound, Ghost in My Home, Hammer, Into The Dark (feat. Kellin Quinn from Sleeping Sirens, and Dark Days (feat. Jeris Johnson.) Between these 5 songs alone, a whopping 130 million streams have been acquired by dedicated fans! Point North holds 1.4 million monthly listeners which is still on the rise! Point North made each and every fan feel seen with their engagement throughout the entire show!

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows

Destroy Rebuild Until God Shows also known as D.R.U.G.S keeps the night rocking. Lead singer and established music producer Craigery Owens has the crowd moving the entire set. Wall of Deaths, and mosh pits were formed, which led to fans going absolutely nuts! D.R.U.G.S has some of the most dedicated fans, all who went hard for them throughout their entire performance. They performed a wide variety of songs which included “Graveyard dancing.” D.R.U.G.S are meant for the stage, they completely dominated their performance and the reaction from fans further proved it! 

Escape The Fate

Last but not least on the extremely talented lineup, Escape The Fate enters the stage to finish off an incredible evening. They came out and showed up like true rockstars, delivering a performance Webster Hall will never forget. Guitarist TJ Bell took to the stage for a guitar solo, leaving fans in absolute shock! Frontman Craig Mabbitt is truly meant for the stage, Escape The Fate couldn’t have a better lead vocalist. Craig shows his personality throughout his music, as well as stage presence. Members include vocalist Craig Mabbitt, bassist Erik Jensen, guitarist TJ Bell, drummer Robbie Ortiz, as well as guitarist Matti Hoffman. Each member brings an irreplaceable aspect to the band, forming a unique sound that can be spotted out from miles away! ETF is touring until October 7th of 2023, join them on their “Out of The Shadows Tour,” to be wowed! 

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