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Fall Out Boy in Holmdel, NJ

The sun was shining, fans entered into the PNC BANK ARTS Center smiling from ear to ear, ready to see what the night was going to bring for them! Many talented artists, and talented production crews were on deck ready to wow the sold out venue.

Games We Play, Played a Killer Set

Games We Play started off the night with their vibrant energy and energetic music. Games We Play played a wide variety of songs which included ‘All My Untalented Friends (Ooo La La) This was my second time photographing Games We Play and I didn’t think it was possible for them to put on an even better show than the first! Each time I have seen them, they have brought an intense amount of energy which amplifies more and more as I’ve seen them perform live. There is no stopping them! You could be in the worst mood and once the drums kick in, guitar strings start being strummed, and Emmyn vocals hit you instantly want to dance and smile. 

Royal & The Serpent Slithers on Stage @ PNC

Ryan Santiago, a New Jersey native hit the stage with a unique entrance. Ryan, who goes by Royal & The Serpent (aka RATS) had the slogan “RATS : It Stands for Royal and The Serpent dumba**) on a banner behind her. Royal’s play on the abbreviation RATS was heard when she played sounds of rats scurrying throughout her entrance, this was one of the most unique entrances. Royal had one of the most entertaining sets I have ever seen! She absolutely captivated the crowd. Royal played songs off her debut album ‘searching for nirvana.’ Royal also got the crowd hyped when she covered the iconic Nirvana song ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit.’ Royal mentioned how performing at the PNC Bank Arts Center was a surreal experience for her, as she grew up in the same state. 

Bring Me the Horizon Brings the Head Banging

It was a surprise Bring Me the Horizon didn’t ‘bring’ any concussions with all the headbanging seen in the crowd! Not a single person in the Sold Out Amphitheatre wasn’t banging their heads to the beats and dancing! Bring Me the Horizon has always been one of the most prevalent bands in Rock music, creating a pathway for their unique sound. After being around since the early 2000s, lead singer Oli Sykes hasn’t missed a beat. His screams roared throughout the amphitheater leaving fans speechless with the magnitude his voice can compel. Bring Me the Horizon performed some of their most popular songs which included, ‘Throne,’ and ‘Can You Feel My Heart.’ Bring Me the Horizon truly gave fans what they came there for!

Fall Out Boy Says Thnks fr th Mmrs

Fall Out Boy had one of the most mind grabbing stage setups I have ever seen. It was prevalent from the second they stepped onto stage how much work was put into the production of this tour. Fall Out Boy had nothing short of an incredible show, accompanied by streamers, on stage firework displays, flaming guitars, incredible vocals and much more! Fall Out Boy performed their newest hit songs as well as timeless songs from previous albums dating back to the early 2000s. At one point Fall Out Boy transported fans to a deep sea underworld with the stage setup having insane oceanic visuals and a moving starfish! Fall Out Boy gave their fans a home for the night and truly united everyone with their music and genuine love for performing. Unfortunately the ‘So Much For (tour)Dust’ has come to a conclusion, but when any of these amazing artists tour again, you definitely don’t want to miss it!

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