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Fastball in St. Petersburg FL

Fastball in St. Petersburg FL celebrates their discography with a 30th-anniversary tour and promotes their new album due June 21st. They played the historic The Floridian Social (formerly The State Theatre).


When playing such an iconic local venue, it is only fitting that Fastball chose the local band Fayroy boys to open for them. Their sound is most compared to if the Beach Boys and The Surfaris had a baby who grew up to be James Bond. Their upbeat stage presence and masterful playing skills help you to fall in love with the band and dance along as they play. Fayroy set the perfect mood and loosened up the crowd for a night of dancing to follow.


After a short stage change, Fastball took the stage starting the night off with their song Fire Escape. It may have been their 30th-anniversary tour, but their vocals were just as clean and clear as it was first recorded back in 1998. Lead singer Miles Zuniga thanked the crowd multiple times through the night, and for some songs recalled memories from writing them. Before the fan favorite, “Out Of My Head,’ Zuniga recalled talking to band guitarist, Tony Scalzo, and saying he immediately knew this song was going to be a hit. Needless to say, it still is almost 30 years later, the crowd singing and dancing along as Zuniga and Scalzo cozied up to one mic during the chorus. With their new album coming out June 21st, Fastball gave us a preview of what is to come for them, and we know it will.

It’s never a bad night when you get to check out some seasoned vets doing what they do best. A great night of great music for the city. If you get the chance, make sure to check them out.

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