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Fletcher and Friends in Asbury Park

What better way to start off Pride Month than with Fletcher and Friends in Asbury Park. Ari Abdul and Maude Latour came a long to make sure we had a great time! Entering the stone pony you felt thrown right into NJ Pride, from rainbow straws, unique outfits, and smiles. Along with the kickoff to Pride Month, this was a hometown show for Fletcher and she gave it her all!

Ari Abdul

First to hit the stage is Ari Abdul. Abdul had the crowd captivated since the second she stepped on stage, raw emotion and a melodic presence surrounded her throughout the performance. Fans were in awe during Ari’s performance, and the feeling was reciprocated when Abdul shouted out that this was one of the largest crowds she’s performed for! It was prevalent from the start of Ari’s performance to the end that she was made for the stage, and shares a true passion for creating and expressing herself through her lyrics. 

Fans sang their hearts out like their lives depended on it, getting especially excited to hear Abdul’s iconic song “BABYDOLL,” which has a whopping 240 million streams. Post performance Abdul stuck down to the crowd to greet eager fans, and jam out with friends to Maude Latour. 

Maude Latour

Latour was all smiles from the second she entered the stage, Maude Latour showed for a captivating performance with her powerfully unique vocals and energetic stage presence. Latour connected with her fans on stage throughout the entire performance. Maude has a vibrant stage presence that makes you wanna jump around and dance, which is exactly what fans were doing the entire set! Maude Latour is best known for her songs “Too Slow, Cursed Romantics, and One More Weekend.” Fans couldn’t be more pleased with the setlist song choices. Between Abdul and Latour setting the vibe of the night for Fletcher’s arrival, the crowd was going wild and the energy was high!  


One of the highly anticipated shows for The Stone Pony Summer Stage was finally here, and Fletcher came to provide a night of music, drinks, good vibes and the unity of what pride means to her. Fletcher started the night off with “Maybe I Am, Sting, and Serial Heartbreaker.” To say fans were excited would be an understatement, it sounded like they were breaking sound barriers screaming the well known lyrics back to her. Fletcher had a specifically curated setlist. Fletcher introduced that she was in her “healing girl era,” by performing the beloved song “Healing” released in 2022. From “Healing,” She wanted to up the energy and she had the perfect song for it, “Shh.. Don’t Say It.” It seemed like it wasn’t possible for the crowd to get louder but with each song, the energy and sound grew. 

Fletcher took a minute to shout out her family and friends that were able to make it to her hometown show. This included her first ever kiss, which led her into “girls girls girls,” a reimagined version of Katy Perry’s hit song “I Kissed a Girl.” Fletcher finished off the night with 21 songs, ending with “Becky’s So Hot.” Mixed waves of sadness of the night to end, but happiness to be able to experience Fletcher, Ari Abdul and Maude Latour in all their glory. Fans were left with an unforgettable experience.


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