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FloRida at Centre Slushpuppie, Gatineau

On a vibrant evening at the newly inaugurated Centre Slushpuppie in Gatineau, music enthusiasts were treated to an unforgettable night of exhilarating performances by Mindflip and headliner FloRida. As the anticipation reached its peak, the venue’s incredible stage and lighting setup heightened the atmosphere, promising an evening of unadulterated entertainment.


Kicking off the night was Mindflip, a talented local artist who captured the audience’s attention from the moment he stepped on stage. What set him apart was his incredible acrobatic skills, as he literally flipped during his dynamic performance. The combination of his local talent and breathtaking stage presence left a lasting impression on the crowd.


When FloRida took the stage, the Centre Slushpuppie erupted with excitement. The opening was explosive, marked by a massive pop that reverberated throughout the venue. FloRida’s boundless energy was infectious, instantly transforming the concert into an electrifying party atmosphere. It was evident that this performance was not simply a concert; it was a celebration of music and life. FloRida’s setlist was carefully curated to cater to the crowd’s desires, as he flawlessly delivered hit after hit. The pulsating beats, synchronized choreography, and captivating visuals were enhanced by an entourage of dancers, hype men, and impressive Co2 effects. The atmosphere was further elevated when FloRida sprayed champagne, adding an element of excitement and interaction with the audience.

The artist’s charisma and connection with the crowd were exemplified when he threw roses into the hands of the mesmerized girls in the audience. During the performance of “Get Low,” FloRida invited a group of lucky fans on stage, creating a memorable moment of unity between the artist and his dedicated supporters. One of the night’s highlights was when FloRida hopped onto his bodyguard’s shoulders, effortlessly maneuvering through the crowd while maintaining his high-energy performance. This unexpected twist allowed fans to get up close and personal with the star, fostering an intimate connection and an unforgettable experience.

It was a Party

FloRida’s desire to make the night special was evident when he invited a birthday girl on stage to join him as a DJ. FloRida’s performance, combined with Mindflip’s impressive acrobatics, made the concert at Centre Slushpuppie an unforgettable experience. The venue’s top-notch stage and lighting production added an extra layer of visual splendor to the evening. From start to finish, the night was a true testament to the power of music, bringing people together and leaving them with lasting memories of an extraordinary celebration.

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