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Girl in Red and Momma’s Lively Night at The Met

Marie Ulven Ringheim, better known as Girl in Red hits the stage for night two at The Met in Philadelphia, accompanied by Momma. Fans lined up outside the venue, boasting with excitement and anticipation of the night to come.


The Alternative-indie band Momma, best known for their euphoric and unique sound hits the stage first on the ‘Girl in Red Doing It Again Tour,’ the crowd welcomed them with open arms, and high energy. Momma had the crowd in a trance, listening to every word sung, and every note played. Momma has been busy since 2018, releasing over 10 singles, and 4 albums with “Sunday / Medicine,” being the newest release. Fans exclaimed how lucky they felt to witness Momma and Girl in Red sharing the stage!

Girl in Red

Girl in Red has stolen the hearts of millions over the years, ranking in more and more supporters with each release. Girl in Red is best known for her songs “we fell in love in october, i wanna be your girlfriend, bad idea!, too much, “You Need Me Now? (feat. Sabrina Carpenter)” and many more. Between 5 songs alone Girl in Red ranks in billions of streams. Girl in Red has paved her way in the indie pop culture, opening for multi-grammy holding Taylor Swifts ‘Eras Tour,’ touring with pop sensation Conan Gray, roping in multiple festival performances under her built, secret shows, and headlining tours.. Girl in Red hasn’t stopped and can’t be stopped!

Girl in Red Hits The Stage

The long awaited time drew closer, fans danced and sang to the pre show playlist warming up their voices to scream all of their beloved Girl in Red lyrics, which included songs “DOING IT AGAIN BABY, Serotonin, October Passed Me By, Rue, midnight love” and a plethora more. From the second Girl in Red entered the stage, her energy was unmatched, she had the crowd on their feet throughout her entire performance. The Met Philadelphia couldn’t have been a better venue to finish off her two nights, The Met provided an intimate, and beautiful setting for Girl in Red and Momma to show off their talent. Throughout the night, Girl in Red was extremely attentive and engaging to her cherished supporters, making everyone in the venue feel as one. Girl in Red gave fans a night to remember, letting them forget any struggles or bad feelings to just enjoy a high energetic performance, and dance the night away. From beautiful and vivacious colors dancing around the met, nonstop energy, to Girl in Red hopping into the crowd, and the overall joy radiating from the crowd, this is a show you do not want to miss.  

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