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GROUPLOVE in Anaheim

Grouplove takes over House of Blues in Anaheim. A truly unique and energy filled night.


Bully opened the night to get the crowd amped up and ready for Grouplove. Bully is a Indie Rock/Grunge artist who really knows how to put on an intimate show, she had the crowd captivated with her music the entire set. She is known for her songs “Lose You” and “Where to Start” which they played both and the crowd truly loved every minute. As they ended the set, they thanked Grouplove for letting them go on tour with them and perform solo without a band.


Grouplove graced the stage and the crowd went insane, I’ve shot a lot of concerts and this was one that really impressed me with how involved/hyped the crowd was! Grouplove really utilized every inch of the stage and fans were loving every minute of it, they captivated the crowd throughout their entire performance. Grouplove had a very colorful, energy filled set. They performed some of their hit songs like “Tongue Tied”, “Ways To Go”, “Raspberry”, and more.

This was my first time seeing Grouplove live and I was already a fan prior but the dedication, talent and energy had me leaving with a newfound respect for them. They are a group who has a super diverse fanbase but really knows how to entertain their fans and keep them engaged the entire set.

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