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GWAR Unleashes Carnage in Ottawa: A Blood-Soaked Extravaganza

We witnessed a night of chaos and mayhem as GWAR Unleashes Carnage in Ottawa: A Blood-Soaked Extravaganza. The evening kicked off with X-Cops, a side project featuring members of GWAR and their extended family, delivering a unique blend of cop humor and old-school dad rock vibes.

X-Cops: Cocaine and Electric Chairs

X-Cops set the tone for the night with their outrageous antics. Throwing cocaine packets (flour) into the crowd, they engaged in witty cop humor throughout their performance. The drummer’s finale in an electric chair added a touch of shock and awe, creating an old-school dad rock feeling. Each member brought their own story and unique characteristics to the stage, making X-Cops a memorable and entertaining opening act.

Cancer Bats: Ontario's Energetic Force

Ontario’s own Cancer Bats took the stage with hometown pride, as vocalist Liam shared his connection to Bronson, creating a special moment for both the band and the audience. Their set was a relentless onslaught of energy, featuring classics like “Hail Destroyer” and their famous cover of The Beastie Boys’ “Sabotage.” Leaving it all on the stage, Cancer Bats showcased their powerful performance and passionate connection to the crowd.

GWAR: Blood, Skits, and Presidential Carnage

The main event, GWAR, unleashed a spectacle of blood-soaked chaos and humorous theatrics. Between songs, the band delivered funny skits, adding an extra layer of entertainment to their already electrifying performance. A massive bug met its demise on stage, followed by the theatrical killing of a person on a stretcher. To top it off, GWAR brought out a larger-than-life Joe Biden, only to meet a grisly fate.

The entire crowd, including unsuspecting photographers, became part of the vividly pink aftermath of GWAR’s signature blood-drenched antics. The band’s commitment to their unique brand of shock rock and over-the-top theatrics left the audience in awe and laughter, creating an unforgettable experience that will be talked about for years to come.

In conclusion, GWAR’s concert in Ottawa was a blood-soaked extravaganza, a fusion of music, humor, and theatricality that pushed boundaries and delighted the crowd. The night proved to be a celebration of the outrageous, a true testament to GWAR’s legacy as masters of shock rock.

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