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Highlight – August 08

To many, he is most known for his collaborations with Justin Beiber and Shawn Mendes, but this Def Jam artist is an accomplished R&B singer-songwriter in his own right and today Hidden Beats Highlight – August 08. We recently had the chance to take part in a conversation with the multi-talented artist ahead of the release of “Towards the Sun Part 2” -which is available now for streaming- and here are some of the highlights of that chat.

Doing it his own way

August 08 has worn many different hats in the music industry, which is one of the biggest reasons he’s enjoying his solo work so much. For one “TikTok is a thing”, August stated, recognizing that today’s artists have a very unique ability to directly reach out to their fans, and deliver their message *exactly* how they want it delivered.

Being yourself

One of the things August 08 talked about his relationship with Def Jam is how they want him to be himself: “We like you as an artist, just do you”, they told him. Def Jam has supported August 08 to be himself, and be emotionally vulnerable. As a songwriter for other artists, he had to stick to briefs and try to understand what someone else is feeling. Now, with the freedom to do his own thing without restrictions, August 08 has been able to create a powerful album full of raw emotions and brutal honesty. A pandemic project that August hopes can “Help people heal”, “Towards the Sun” showcases the variety of influences that make August 08 one of the most unique artists out there today.

A Kaleidoscope of influences

One of the best parts of chatting with artists is learning about the people behind the music. In our conversation with August 08, he showed his fantastic personality and some interests, hobbies, and influences that many would likely not suspect. A big-time angler -whose goal is to be on the cover of Bass Pro Shops Magazine – August 08 also a big-time bowl with his girlfriend, and has an interest in interior design (and the guy has amazing taste in furniture). Snow Patrol and the Danish pop-star Benny Sings are his unexpected playlist featured artists. But those mix of interests come through in the way August 08 can meld different genres and styles with his work.

An Anticipated release

With Part Two released, August 08 has now released the full version of “Towards the Sun”, August produces his own beats and records with the help of his cousin Rico, giving his music a personal, family touch. As he is beginning to hit the road, the tracks he is most looking forward to performing are the banger “Role Models” and “What We Used to Be” (ft. Joji).

“Towards The Sun” is a fantastic trip from August 08. Hidden Beats thanks August 08 and Def Jam for letting us spend some time getting to know the man behind the music, and getting the opportunity to Highlight – August 08. 

We hope everyone checks out “Towards the Sun”

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