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Highlight – Chxrry22
Highlight – Chxrry22

Today we get to Highlight – Chxrry22. Recently signed to XO records, Chxrry22 brings a fresh tone and incredible story to an impressive roaster already on XO, and as the only female artist on the label that’s saying something. This was the first time Chxrry’s music had come across my desk, but I was impressed.  

Getting started

A Toronto native, Chxrry22 started out like a lot of the newer artists now by rocking some covers on social media and gaining some big attention in 2017. After seeing the engagement from followers, she knew she had to take this music thing a little more seriously and never looked back.

Time to chat

Like many times before we got to sit down with the rest of the media to pick Chxrry’s brain and see how she ticks. I always enjoy doing these interviews because it gives me a chance to find out a little more about who this artist is. You can see how dedicated she is to her craft by the answers and time she takes with the questions interacting with everyone. One of the key questions I always like to hear is the motivation for getting into music and Chxrry was built for it so it just fit.

Interviews can sometimes be mundane and boring with cookie-cutter questions, but everyone made sure to drop all the hard ones on her, including the question about what she thinks should be asked more in interviews that’s not asked enough. The most common answer I hear to this question is more personal stuff about either the background of their personal life and as an interviewer I always try to keep that in mind.

In Closing

This Highlight – Chxrry22 has been a great way to be introduced to a talented new artist. XO records and Toronto are neighbors so its always fun to learn and hear some of the fantastic Canadian talents we offer.

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Highlight – Chxrry22 is a wrap and a big thanks to Chxrry22 and the 1824 crew for taking the time to put on these fantastic sessions

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