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Highlight – DaBoyDame
Highlight – DaBoyDame

Hidden Beats recently had the chance to chat with producer/songwriter/DJ/baker/All-Around Awesome Guy DaBoyDame ahead of his release of “Feelings” for Motown Records, featuring EST Gee and the icon Rick Ross. To celebrate DaBoyDame’s latest single, here are some highlights of our chat, and what we can hope to see from this multi-talented artist.

The Beginning

DaBoyDame has spent nearly a decade in music, having started out as an intern at 106 KMEL in the Bay Area, where he learned the ins and outs of the music industry, and built up his work ethic and industry connections. Cutting his teeth in such a diverse area, he combined the shared life experiences of his community with his love of creating emotional attachments with music to drive his passion for forging a career in the music industry.

Early Influences

In a statement that, while undeniably true will also surely please his boss (lol), one of DaBoyDame’s biggest influences in music is Yo Gotti. Being able to watch Yo Gotti’s ascension from rapper to superstar, to CEO and icon, was proof to DaBoyDame that being a DJ is more than just someone spinning a record. Yo Gotti proved that you can take the passion and love of music and DJing, and make it ART… make it something that connects with a swath of people from a multitude of backgrounds, and use those talents and emotions to connect with people from such a wide variety of backgrounds.


A big aspect of DaBoyDame’s character is his passion for seeing others make their dreams come true. Ultimately, however, DaBoyDame realized that there is nothing wrong with having pride in yourself, and knowing when to bet on yourself. DaBoyDame has no shortage of accolades, shout-outs, and mentions from other artists, and while it is a GREAT feeling to be recognized by your peers, it was a sign to DaBoyDame that maybe it was time to focus a bit more on himself.

Branching Out

A big part of DaBoyDame pursuing a solo career was realizing shout-outs don’t pay the bills (ha!), and that, well… he’s a damn good songwriter! DaBoyDame has been able to help other artists bring entertainment and fun to people, but eventually, he started to realize that some of these great ideas, well… they’re pretty great! So DaBoyDame decided to keep some of his ideas to himself and put passion and emotion into those songs to ensure that the final product matched his vision.

Helping Others

Of course, as a producer extraordinaire, DaBoyDame has seen a LOT of artists come and go, and his advice to anyone getting started is BE. YOUR. SELF. Be original. Try different things, even if that means falling on your face because that’s the only way someone will learn. Ultimately, you need to believe in your dreams more than you want somebody else to believe in them and go harder for yourself than ANYone else will.


One fun aspect of talking to artists is finding out what THEY listen to. For DaBoyDame, he stays true to his Bay Area roots and has some artists you may not expect, such as Santana and Green Day on his playlist. One of his ‘not what you might expect’ playlist artists are Queen, but when you look at DaBoyDame’s artistry, the fact that he pulls inspiration from such a wide variety of sources is no surprise.


When it comes to working ethics, DaBoyDame never stops! He’s always in grind mode, and one of his life tips is ‘never stop never stopping’. Of course, he knows an important part of life is looking after yourself, so if you’re going to hustle and grind 24/7, you best take some time for yourself! There’s nothing wrong with a good nap or massage to make sure you have the mental and physical strength for when you need to push through a crazy 48-hour run when you’re not expecting it.


DaBoyDame’s debut Motown release, “Feelings” takes a beat that DaBoyDame has used to cheer people up for a long time to showcase what he can do. As for the featured artists on this track, DaBoyDame had some interesting insight into how EST Gee and Rick Ross made their contributions. For EST Gee, it was a simple process. Given their connections through CMG and Yo Gotti, getting EST Gee on the track was a simple process of just asking. And as for Rick Ross… well, it was pretty much the same thing! DaBoyDame shot Rick a DM, and lo and behold, the legend knocked out his contribution in a day! This just goes to show that if you believe in something, just go for it!

Once he had EST Gee and Rick Ross’s contributions, DaBoyDame through a little spice on top of the track, and bam! We were blessed with “Feelings”

“Feelings”, the debut release from his upcoming sophomore release “Salute to the Real, Pray for the Fake”, which will be coming out soon! Stay tuned to your favorite streaming platforms for the album release, and in the meantime, check out “Feelings” on your favorite platform.

Highlight – DaBoyDame is a wrap! We had a good time chatting and learning about the journey

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