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Highlight – Dylan

Today we highlight – DYLAN, an emerging rock-infused alt-pop star a talented multi-instrument-playing singer-songwriter hailing from England and now set to take on the world, and recently chatted with Hidden Beats. We got the chance to hear her talk about her inspirations, her history, and what she planned next. Here are some of the highlights of our conversation with DYLAN.

Letting it Flow

Writing-wise, DYLAN has been on quite the rollercoaster ride of emotions when it comes to songwriting. After her initial beginnings, writing songs only for herself, she soon started to feel the pressure to make sure she was “writing good songs”. The pressure, at the young age of eighteen, turned songwriting into too much of a job. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and DYLAN found that coming out of the lockdown, she was able to find herself again. Striping things down to the basics and just writing to write brought back her love of music, and now she’s been able to embrace her own creative process.

The New Album

DYLAN’s debut ep, The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn, was written in a whirlwind three-month span, inspired by a tumultuous year in which DYLAN went through a lot of loss and dealt with a lot of emotions, loss, and silly boys. Fortunately for all of us, DYLAN channeled her experiences into an amazing collection of songs such as the power ballad Blisters, and the smashing pop-rock flavored Nothing Lasts Forever.

Ready to Go

With The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn, DYLAN feels like she’s just scratching the surface of what she has to offer in terms of the music she wants to write and put out into the world. The great thing about her new ep is that DYLAN loves sharing it! No longer afraid to promote her own songs when asked, DYLAN loves her new material and is especially looking forward to playing Blisters and Treat You Bad are her favorites to play live. As someone that takes their live shows seriously, DYLAN writes her songs with her concerts in mind. Once you experience DYLAN in person, you will understand how seriously she works to ensure the live experience is the best way to experience her music!

Keep ur head clear

Asked what some of the best advice she has received so far, DYLAN shared the big tip she tries to live by: “To stop thinking about what’s happening next week, just think about what’s happening now”. In a modern world filled with stress about what’s coming next, DYLAN shared that while touring with Ed Sheeran, Ed passed on the words of wisdom “Just take it in the now”, to enjoy the moments in life instead of constantly worrying about what comes next.

What's on your playlist

Despite her age, if you listen to much of DYLAN’s music it shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise that she is a big-time classic rock fan, having grown up on a healthy diet of AC/DC and Aerosmith thanks to her dad -whom she would rock out with as a kid. An artist some may not expect to be in heavy rotation on DYLAN’s playlist -and an artist that DYLAN would LOVE to collaborate with- is the Australian pioneer of future bass, Flume.

What's Next

Never one to sit still for too long, DYLAN is gearing up for a 2023 tour of the United Kingdom, Europe, and America in support of Ed Sheeran. Her new ep The Greatest Thing I’ll Never Learn -as well as her previous singles – is streaming on all your favorite platforms.

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