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Today we Highlight – Kendra Jae. I was invited to sit and chat with Kendra about her music and her rising accolades. With new music and artists coming out regularly it’s always nice to get to talk face to face with artists.

Who is Kendra

Kendra born in Sacramento is now an LA native making waves. A woman of many talents Kendra started her career in entertainment as a Dancer/Choreographer. She has been on tour with some major names like Drake and the youngest dancer on tour with Beyonce before making the move to the music. Crediting her work ethic mainly to her dad, she grew up listening to artists like Chris Brown and Usher absorbing everything she could with how they moved. One of the prime focuses now is making sure she is true to herself while having an unapologetic attitude. She goes as far as describing herself as Wifey saying “She’s the woman you want in your life not just for a night but for life”

The Music

Being relatively new on the hip-hop scene Kendra is stacking up the views and the streams. Using that hard work ethic Kendra is grinding out the music now working towards her EP release. The most recent release Big is an anthem for the ladies to remember to aim Big and go for it. This track is coming off the heels of Seesaw ft. Saweetie has racked up over 2 million streams so far. Kendra talked about how great it was working with Saweetie since they started out as friends before jumping on the track. Once they got the track down they had to make sure that it passed the final test of a great song with a play-through in the car. It’s not official if it doesn’t pass the car test!

In Closing

Talking with Kendra was amazing. Boasting amazing talent and an iron-hard work ethic Kendra is for sure going to make moves and for sure one to watch for. I had not personally heard of her prior to this but I am now a fan. It’s not always easy finding a hard-working and humble artist out there but Kendra brings something fresh to the space, strong will, and down to earth all in one amazing package.

I had fun with this Highlight – Kendra Jae. Big thank you to Kendra for taking the time to chat with myself and everyone else.

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