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Highlight – New Hope Club

They are pairing gorgeously written lyrics with a stadium rock sound, we Highlight – New Hope Club, an exciting trio from Manchester that has been taking the world by storm. From touring in support of The Vamps to headlining festivals in Asia, and releasing their new singles “L.U.S.H” and “Walk It Out”, New Hope Club has had an exciting and busy past few years. Recently Hidden Beats had the opportunity to chat with Reece, Blake, and George to discuss their journey and what is coming next.

New Music

When it comes to the inspiration behind the sounds of “L.U.S.H.” and “Walk It Out”, New Hope Club said the goal for these songs was to capture the sound and energy of a New Hope Club live show. With a punchier, guitar-driven sound, these new tracks show an evolution of the songwriting trio. When asked to describe “L.U.S.H.”, the boys described it as a song about a new relationship’s urgency and “sauciness”. Showing their musical abilities, “L.U.S.H.” resulted from a jam session, with Reece stumbling upon the opening riff that gave the song its “sexy” feel.

Variety of Styles

Coming out of the lockdown, New Hope Club had a full album’s worth of material that had yet to be heard by anyone, so they made a showcase tour that they performed acoustically to really show off their songwriting and musical abilities. Reece in particular wanted the first time the public heard these songs they are stripped back and heard just like how they wrote them alone in a room. BUT… the boys also love to put on a good show! George and Blake made it known that there is a firm rule for anyone that goes to their full electric show: no one leaves with their voice intact! George loves to go crazy and push the high-energy atmosphere so that everyone has the best time possible.

Tight Group

One of the best things the boys have found about being in New Hope Club is having each other. They lived together for three years, and between that and the constant touring, the trio is grateful to still be best friends and the way they keep it fun for everyone. Hearing their music, and having had the chance to chat with them, it is clear that there is a genuine connection between these guys, and their love of life really shines through in all that they do. And of course, for being the bassist, Reece takes his fair bit of ribbing as George told him he sounds great, Reece replied “Yeah, when they can hear me when no one else is playing!

International Reach

From small towns in northwest England where, according to Reece, “To go viral you only had to play one pub” to selling out shows in Korea, Thailand, and Mexico, the ability of their songs to touch people all over the world from every background is not lost on New Hope Club. Headlining shows in countries where English is not a predominant language have been a humbling experience for the guys, as Blake feels a lot of honor in knowing that the music they create can generate such strong reactions from people all around the globe. Also, having recently toured across Asia, the boys have grown a fondness for K-Pop and would love to tour and dance with some K-Pop bands!

Highlight – New Hope Club comes to a close and big thanks to the boys for taking the time and 1824 for putting on a great event

New Hope Club have some new music coming in 2023, and until then, their recent singles “L.U.S.H.” and “Walk It Out”, as well as all of their previous releases, are available on your favorite streaming platform.

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