Highlight – Yung Gravy

Highlight - Yung Gravy

Yung Gravy makes bops and today we Highlight – Yung Gravy

Making his first waves on SoundCloud and the university party circuit scene, our Highlight – Yung Gravy (born Matthew Raymond Hauri) now has millions of fans from those OG frat bros to Martha Stewart, Hannibal Buress and even myself.

It is no surprise. With samples ranging from Peaches “Fuck the Pain Away”, to 50s classic “Mr. Sandman”, he even sampled “Right Back Where We Started From” which us 90s kids will remember from the Goofy Movie.


I am not the intended audience that Yung Gravy was looking for. I am a 32-year-old, gay man, who predominantly listens to dreamy indie rock. However, Yung Gravy’s music transcends all the micro-barriers and categories that we place music into nowadays. Yung Gravy makes fun music. Anyone who listens to it for more than 15 seconds can easily tell you why.

Yung Gravy is a lyrical savant. He drops nerdy lyrics referencing Pokémon, to talking about women with just enough bravado to seem charming without the glaring misogyny usually plaguing his industry. While clearly influenced by the rise of the mumble rap community, his deep bass of a voice cuts a comedic vein that highlights just how different he is.

Matthew has a degree in marketing from the university of Wisconsin. He looks like the type of person who hasn’t been told “no” enough times in his life, and that’s the beauty in him. The type of guy who was making rhymes and beats all his life and his hard work and effort paid off. I cannot log into Tik Tok without hearing the sample from “oops” off his latest album Gasanova and at least 20 times. Yung Gravy is the LMFAO of this generation. He is both endearingly charming, puts out certified bangers, and is a lyrical genius. I have sat in on conferences now twice with Yung Gravy, and every time he talks, I like him that much more.

The Music

“Whip A Tesla” and “Mr. Clean” have become massive hits and “1 Thot 2 Thot Red Thot Blue Thot” is certified Platinum. This is not a random one hit wonder we’re dealing with. Yung Gravy has worked with some heavy hitters in the industry like bbno$ especially and has fans covering all spectrums and walks of life. His Insta feed reflects this as well. He is young, and on top of the world. He’s that guy who you can’t tell if you want to be friends with him or be him.

Catch him on all platforms, his latest album Gasanova has some serious bangers. Catch him balling out with porn stars, hell, he’s even released an ASMR on Youtube. Wherever you can though, soak up your ear biscuits with some Yung Gravy. He is here to stay, and he is pretty awesome.  

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