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A Sold Out Night

The weather felt like a perfect fall night, and Hozier and Madison Cunningham were in the house to serenade the crowd. You know you are in for a treat when The Mann Center Amphitheatre sells out almost instantly. This concert was one of the most highly anticipated shows of the year, andI was on deck ready to capture the night!

Madison Cunningham

26 year old California native, Madison Cunningham joins the Unreal Unearth Tour, and couldn’t have been a better choice to open for Hozier! Madison as well as her band, has an ethereal vibe to them, enchanting you with every lyric sung, and instrument played. Since 2020, Madison won 4 well deserved Grammy Awards for “Americana Album (2020), Folk Album (2022), American Roots Performance (2023), and Folk Album (2023).” Madison’s most popular songs including “In My Life, Song In My Head, Hospital (One Man Down) ft Remi Wolf, and Passengers” bring in over a whopping 30 million Spotify streams with no slowing down! With 25 singles, and 3 albums released, Cunningham is making her mark!


Anthony Hozier-Byrne, better known as Hozier, has stolen the hearts of millions worldwide. From his first album “Hozier” (2014) he has had fans captivated in his world of music. Powerhouse Hozier, transcends you into a realm of lullabies, folk inspired music, and much more. Hozier released his “Unreal Unearth” Tour, and almost instantaneously sold out every show. With this being one of the most highly anticipated tours of the year, I knew everyone at the venue, including myself was in for a treat! 

Hozier Hits The Stage

The lights die down, the wind is blowing, it feels like a perfect fall night and what better to accompany it than a live performance from the one and only Hozier? Starry visuals were projected, the music built up and Hozier made his entrance! Fans go absolutely wild, knowing the moment they have been waiting for is finally happening! Smiles are seen across thousands of faces in the sold out Amphitheatre. Hozier starts off the night with “De Selby (part 1) and De Selby (part 2)” which left fans speechless and with goosebumps from the power his voice expels. It was prevalent from the first song that Hozier’s setlist was especially curated for his supporters who created a sea of people in the crowd. Beautiful visuals danced across the stage, Hozier continued his setlist with many of his loved songs dating back to 2014, throughout the years to his current album “Unreal Unearth.” Hozier couldn’t have put on a more magical show, there were no words to describe the energy that was felt in that Amphitheater! If you haven’t already, buy that ticket and join Hozier on “Unreal Unearth.” I promise it will take you away from life for one night and let you live in the moment while enjoying incredibly soothing and powerful music!

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