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Hyprov Live in Halifax

It may have been the coldest night in the city in decades, but Hyprov live in Halifax was there to bring the heat to their national tour-launching show on February 3.

Comedy legend Colin Mochrie (best known for Who’s Line is it Anyways) and world-renowned hypnotist Asad Mecci make an iconic duo. They pulled a volunteer from their sold-out audience to help select 20 random hypnosis participants by tossing frisbees into the crowd. Asad did a few rounds of hypnosis in order to weed out participants that weren’t susceptible, ultimately leaving a group of four people to take part in the hypnotic hijinks. Colin took prompts from the audience for settings and objects to play out in the scenes, which gave him great bits like “being proposed to on Citadel Hill on Donair Day”, “Elmer the raccoon that could water ski”, and performing a duet of the song “‘Je M’appelle Love’ with pop star Stephanie, the 1st-grade French immersion teacher.”

The audience was in constant fits of enormous laughter, and even Colin found himself keeling over in amusement throughout the performance. The final act – a murder mystery following “Detective Dick” at the helm of a murdered dentist case – tied all the evening’s events together in a hilarious and satisfying conclusion. The hypnotized group did an amazing job in their acts and were treated to a standing ovation alongside Colin and Asad at the show’s wrap.

Hyprov live in Halifax was a treat to witness. The show is planning another stop in Halifax this Spring and the city is already excited to have them back. If you can find a way to get out to one of their shows you won’t be disappointed. The whole night was filled with fun and laughs even if the weather wasn’t exactly what we would have liked.

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