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Ice Cube in Ottawa – Straight into Canada Tour

One of my most anticipated shows of the year, Ice Cube in Ottawa – Straight into Canada Tour, brought the Hip-hop nostalgia to my own backyard. TD Place played host to this epic show bringing Ice Cube to town with support from Xzibit and Peter Jackson. The crowd was surprisingly diverse with all ages which was interesting to see. The staff at TD are some of the best and its always a pleasure.

Peter Jackson

Opening up the night is DJ Young Legend with a warmup set to get the crowd ready. Being Peter Jackson’s DJ means he gets to hype the crowd on a regular basis on the road with PJ. Before Peter came out DJ Young Legend took center stage to give some well-deserved flowers to PJ. A lot of people don’t know how much work PJ and iTA put in to bring Canada the best of the best in the hip-hop world.

Peter hit the stage sporting a 67s jersey and instantly brought the heat. His signature sound and hard-hitting lyrics had the fans going mental. Hype man by his side he played some fan favs and made sure to set the stage.


Up next is the man himself Xzibit. This was someone I never thought I’d get to see live having listened to his music all through my formidable years. X had been relatively quiet for a few years but seeing him live that man has not missed a step. A little bit older but just as amazing as ever on the stage. Along for the ride was a surprise to me as Demrick joined him on stage to tag-team an amazing duo of legend and hype. He played so many classics which made my inner high school kid absolutely ecstatic

Ice Cube

Last but certainly not least, the legend himself, Ice Cube. As a fan of hip-hop this was a bucket list moment for me seeing one of the Ogs live and in person. The stage kit was clean and simple but exactly the right amount of awesome. Cube came out and from the first note brought that sound and feeling one can only image. He took the time to interact with the fans which was fun and even had mass boos for people who didn’t want to hear the classics. He played through what can arguably be said as an iconic catalogue giving every fan a taste of something they could all enjoy and let’s be honest….who doesn’t love a live version of Check Yo Self…like seriously.

This one was one of my fav shows in recent memory and I’m already picking a few of these photos to print and get on the wall.

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