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Ice Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa - Day 7

Ottawa’s 46th Annual Winterlude at the legendary home of live music, the Rainbow Bistro, is at it again! Hosting nearly two weeks of free indoor concerts headlined by Aysanabee, Born Ruffians, Chris Murphy, Dizzy, Elliott, BROOD, JJ Wilde, Joel Plaskett, and OMBIIGIZI. Stay turned as Hidden Beats covers it all! 

Nick Posthumus and The Soft Maybes

This 5-piece band warmed the crowd up to the 7th night of Ottawa’s Dragon Boat Festival with their sweet jazzy blues – indie pop mix. Each individual part of the band was individually skillful, bringing a whole new depth of intricacy to the cohesive sound. All throughout the set, Nick interacted the audience with such a warm familiarity that you couldn’t help but get sucked into all the jokes and hang onto every witty remark. The crowd chuckled as Nick shared a story about how the band went out to the woods one day, joking that they wouldn’t reemerge until they had enough content to release an 8-track record – a quip that pianist Chris took to the next step, calling his wife. They covered originals ‘Winter Rains’ and ‘Marry you again’, before moving onto songs that seemed to be named after original situations such as the “song about a pretty girl”, and the “song about a really bad ex”. There was a “song for Lorraine” and a “song about paying your rent”. There were periods of intense instrumental prowess, and other periods of effortlessly pieced together acapella sessions in which each individual sound harmonized perfectly into one cohesive swell.  

Brother Elsey

Following the thunderous applause for the talented Nick Posthumus and The Soft Maybes, Brother Elsey took the Rainbow stage by storm exuding a completely electric energy right from the get-go. Brother Elsey, a band of brothers from Detroit, is the perfect example of a rare kind of harmony – one that seems to be displayed only by musicians with the deepest of bonds. There was a tangible sense of comradery between the men on stage, and you could feel the intertwined respect for one another and well as passion for each of their own crafts. Lead singer Brady warmly and humorously had the audience repeat after him as he introduced each member of the band by name. He then went on to explain that this was only Brother Elsey’s second time in Ottawa, and jokingly commented that Canadians are an unexpectedly rowdy crowd. The high-energy set started off with a bang as the band performed a fan favourite ‘Take A Chance on You’, followed by ‘Babylon’, and ‘Passing Through’. Brother Elsey paused momentarily to each raise up a shot, which the audience responded with by yelling “cheers!” and raising their own glasses. The band wrapped up the night with originals ‘My Brother’, ‘Dreamer’ and ‘Fast Train’ – which had everyone cheering and dancing around. It was no surprise when they immediately got called back to perform an encore. Whether you like folk, alternative rock or country – these guys excel at it all. 

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