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Ice Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa - Day 5

Ice Dragon Boat Festival in Ottawa – Day 5 – Another amazing day of music Ft. The Hallions, Sorry Snowman, and F!th. The BeaverTails Ottawa Ice Dragon Boat Festival “Live @ The Rainbow” presented by Scotiabank is a free indoor concert series taking place between February 2-19. It’s part of Ottawa’s 46th Annual Winterlude at Ottawa’s legendary home of live music, The Rainbow. This year’s festival is headlined by Aysanabee, Born Ruffians, Chris Murphy, Dizzy, Elliott, BROOD, JJ Wilde, Joel Plaskett, and OMBIIGIZI. Stay tuned as Hidden Beats covers it all!

The Hallions

As the venue starts packing up the hallions are getting ready to hit the stage, as the lead singer Pat Miller induces the band, everyone starts to crowd to the stage waiting for the power and energy this band brings to the table some rich folk bloodlines to their music and their amazing stage skills working together as a band as-well with the fans, it sure was a night everyone would remember, as Rachel Campbell Shredded on the Fiddle and Pat’s deep rich vocals mixed with his acoustic brought the night alive after a few thank you’s and a few Sociables, the band Played with all that they could, everyone jumping around and feeling the energy throughout the whole venue

Sorry Snowman

2nd act of the night kept the energy going, their persona as a group helped keep their fans and the crowd on their toes. A mix of indie and grunge that helped set the sound that made the band feel at home, lead singer Sean and bassist Cole loved to have someone fun with the fans, The mix of jokes and teasing us with a short but wicked cover of Metallica’s Ride the lighting, knew we were all in for a treat for them to lead us into the final band, it also started the night off with a growing pit, everyone jumping in dancing around, it was a site to see! 


After the final wait for the next band to come up, F!th, the venue started to flood with more and more people, making it known that they weren’t there to mess around, each band mate walked on the stage and the crowd got louder and louder, filling the place with Chants and Radiant energy. The band starts the show with a hard Drop and the cowed went wild, starting a pit pushing around like a cyclone in the middle of the floor, this Punk rock band is a band you wanna know about, they really know how to put on a show, everyone in the venue was banging their heads or like Ben Pearson, a fan who came to see the show, took the advantage of Crowd surfing! So much electricity and power were flowing out of the speakers, really sealed the deal for an amazing night with an amazing setlist! 

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