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Imagine Dragons Live in Ottawa

Imagine Dragons Live in Ottawa was nothing short of amazing. With an energetic opening act and a stellar song list from the band, Imagine Dragons had everyone on their feet and banging their heads to the music.


The concert opened with a Toronto native artist named AVIV. During the show, AVIV played songs from her latest EP called “Drowning in the Culture” and even debuted a single that hadn’t been played publicly before. Coming in at only 15 this was awesome seeing a young talented artist open the big stage for a group like Imagine Dragons. Not only did she have a big stage to work but she also had a huge crowd to win over. Only did she succeed in winning the crowd over she made sure to get them in the mood for a killer show to follow.

Imagine Dragons

The main event of the night brought old and new songs together. Fans were on their feet jumping to the energetic singles from Mercury as well as singing along to fan favs like Radioactive, Thunder, Natural and their latest obsession, Enemy. Starting off the night with some energy the band led early with some crazy confetti blasts that not only the fans loved but made for some awesome photos. Throughout the night, the eclectic visuals told a story about discovering life. The stage was set up in such a way it almost felt like they were right in the crowd, and you could reach out and touch them. Lead singer, Dan Reynolds also opened up about past struggles like anxiety and depression, adding new context to old songs.

Imagine Dragons Live in Ottawa was such a killer show. The energy from the band was electric and felt by everyone in every seat. AVIV was a pleasant surprise and the fans made her feel the love for sure while Imagine Dragons closed out the night in style doing what they do best and bringing the Thunder. This show was so good we plan on catching more stops in this tour starting tonight in London.

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