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Ingrid Michaelson in NYC

You do not want to miss Ingrid Michaelson’s 17th annual “Holiday Hop” tour next year. Tiny Habits and Ingrid Michaelson in NYC at City Winery was a night I won’t soon forget.

Tiny Habits

Before the show began I had the pleasure of going backstage to meet the singing trio Tiny Habits and had the chance to take some behind-the-scenes portraits. Each member of the group is sweeter than the last and such a pleasure to chat with. The group has had two official song releases so far which they include in their set, along with other, unreleased original songs, and a few covers. The Tiny Habits artists are known for their otherworldly harmonies and incredibly soft, smooth sound. Not only do Maya, Judah, and Cinya have the voices of angels, but quite a charismatic stage presence as well.

Throughout their set, Tiny Habits effortlessly turns unplanned awkward moments and small mistakes into funny jokes and gets the crowd to love them even more for the authenticity they bring to the stage. The trio members tell stories about how they met and started singing together, eventually leading them to join this tour, all while two of the group’s members are still actively taking college classes. I bought myself a sweatshirt from the merch stand because I am certain this group is about to blow up in the music space and I will now forever brag about having something from their first merch release.

Ingrid Michaelson

An Ingrid Michaelson concert is a two-for-one deal. I left that show having laughed more than I have at every stand-up comic I’ve ever seen. Ingrid starts her holiday concert by entering the stage with her entire band, all dressed as senior citizens who sing parody songs about back pain, indigestion, and other ailments, all to the tune of various popular holiday songs. The group “Edith, Edna and Ethel” claims to perform at “the nursing home” every Wednesday. Which nursing home? They never specify.

After singing hilarious renditions of classic Christmas and Chanukah tunes, they exit the stage to give Tiny Habits the floor. When Ingrid and her crew return, they are dressed in typical outfits and are ready to perform the main set. Ingrid sings many of her own new and old songs, as well as some holiday covers, and the crowd loves every minute. NYC fans were lucky enough to have a surprise visit from A Great Big World singers Ian Axel and Chad King who joined Ingrid in performing “It’s Almost Christmas”. The energy in the room throughout the night was incredible and I would certainly recommend keeping your eyes open for next year’s run of Ingrid Michaelson’s annual Holiday Hop tour.

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