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Intimate Sold Out Brian Sella Show

Intimate Brian Sella Show with openers Well Wisher and Benny Feldman hit the stage for a night filled with comedy, and music.

Benny Feldman

Benny Feldman, a stand up comedian with Tourettes Syndrome based out of New York hit the stage first to warm the night up! Bennys set consisted of one liners, and a whole bunch of laughs from the crowd. Feldman was pulling out joke after joke, interacting with the crowd and making everyone’s stomachs hurt from laughter. Benny shed light on performing with Tourette’s syndrome in a joking manner, showing the crowd that nothing can hold you back. Benny Feldman has a unique way of pulling in the crowd, and delivering a joke that has jaws dropping! 

Well Wisher

Next up, Natalie Newbold, bassist of The Front Bottoms and lead vocalist of Wellwisher, an Asbury Park indie-punk band hits the stage with a beer in hand, guitar and powerful vocals. Natalie had the crowd captivated while performing a well curated setlist which included, “believe, miserable, walk away, waste my time, sweet, something good, and nya (need you around).” Natalie spoke about not wanting to get sappy, but how grateful she was to have her best friend Lynsey as well as family and friends joining them for tonight’s show. Newbold brought out Lynsey Vandenberg, member of Well Wisher to share the stage with, and harmonize! Newbold and Vandenberg had the crowd interacting, teaching lyrics to scream back to them, which felt like breaking the sound barriers of White Eagle Hall! 

Brian Sella, and Erik Romero

Oh boy, where do I begin? Brian Sella hit the stage for one of his many performances in Jersey City accompanied by The Front Bottoms guitarist, and keyboardist Erik Romero. Sella showed up on stage with no shoes, a guitar, and his bud Erik, leaving it to feel like an intimate, home show. Brian shouted out that there was so much love felt in the room, from family and friends to adoring fans who waited as early as 8am to catch front row spots! Brian and Erik performed a 20 song setlist, including not one, not two, not three, BUT 5 encore songs that consisted of “The Beers, Flying Model Rockets, Somebody Else, Wolfman, and Au Revoir (Adios).” It wouldn’t be possible to sum up this concert in one word, from the intimacy of a sold out few hundred person show to the playfulness of bubbles and roller skates on stage, and the shock factor of a spinning wheel to determine surprise songs to play.

A Surprise Guest

To think the night couldn’t be more eventful was an understatement, drums sat in the corner of the stage all night with fans anticipating and hoping for the arrival of Mathew Uychich. Sella teased the possibility by announcing they had a surprise reveal. Well loved Front Bottoms song “Twelve Feet Deep,” ends, Brian and Erik exit the stage. Fans scream for one more song, Sella and Romero enter back to the stage where Brian announces he couldn’t finish off this show without his buddy and drummer of The Front Bottoms, Mathew! Mathew made his way to the stage, fans were in pure awe and excitement to just hear one encore song with The Front Bottoms but got a special treat by 5 more songs! The Front Bottoms will be touring their “Ten years of Grandma Rose” tour starting on May 9th, hitting up 6 states. Now’s your chance to secure those tickets, and experience the magic of Brian Sella, and The Fromt Bottoms live in concert! 

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