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Jake Scott, ROSIE & Sam Macpherson in NYC

Photographing Jake Scott, ROSIE & Sam Macpherson in NYC was a blast. I have been listening to Jake Scott’s music for a long while so naturally when I heard about his latest tour “The Lavender Tour”, I bought tickets to the NYC stop at Webster Hall. A few weeks before the show I posted an Instagram story where I tagged Jake and his two opening acts ROSIE and Sam Macpherson. I ended up DMing ROSIE, which led me to receive her manager’s photo pass for the show. So now I’m double stoked because not only am I seeing one of my favorite artists live, but I also get to capture the night for everyone.


ROSIE opened the show with a beautiful setlist supported by her pianist, manager, brother (all the same person) Matteo Scher, and drummer Francesco Catricala. Her fans were super interactive and loud while singing along to her whole setlist. I love ROSIE’s song “Never the 1” and was definitely singing along to every word as I worked.

Sam Macpherson

Sam Macpherson is also a great artist to experience live. His set is a slower, more intimate sound, but nonetheless incredible music. Only one drummer accompanied Sam and his guitar which made for an even calmer stage presence and added to what seemed to be Sam’s super chill vibes. Said drummer, Lucas Bidran, crushed it alongside the artist.

Jake Scott

I like Jake Scott, a lot. But after that show, pshhhhh I like him a lot more. Jake’s stage presence is off the charts. From the moment he walked onstage to the moment he exited the feeling in the room was nothing short of joy and exhilaration. Jake jumped around the stage and sang his heart out like it was the most important night of his life. Although I was in and out of different areas of the venue doing my job I couldn’t help but scream along to every song.

Jake is so interactive with his fans, taking their phones to record videos, holding the mic out for people to sing along, and even jumping off stage to run into the middle of the crowd to dance with everyone. It is so easy to tell how much he values the people who have gotten him to this point, and being there as he performs live just feels like watching a friend have the time of their life. Not only was the on-stage performance phenomenal, but off-stage the people were as well. The whole crew was incredibly kind and supportive. I met so many people who the various acts work with and I have only good things to say about each and every person I met. 10/10 – get yourself to a Jake Scott show this tour.

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