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Jesse McCartney in NYC “Right Where We Want Him”

Jesse McCartney in NYC concert?? In 2024?? I was surprised too. But let me tell you that man has still got it! Jesse McCartney in NYC “Right Where We Want Him” 

Just Seconds Apart

The night began with the band Just Seconds Apart opening the show. The group is comprised of Sela, Ari, & Alex Poulos, triplets from Arizona. They have a pop-rock sound and all around good vibes. The band played lots of their own music, along with a cover of “In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins which I was partial to. I love to see a female drummer and Sela killed it after the line “the hurt doesn’t show but the pain still grows, it’s no stranger to you and me” where the drums go “dumdum dumdum dumdum dumdum dum dum” – you know the part.

The band also shared that their mom is a big supporter of her kids and is even on tour with them! I had a chance to meet and speak with the band briefly after the show and they were very sweet. I recommend checking them out. 

Jesse McCartney

I was pumped to be at this show and curious to see if Jesse still had the spark that his 16 year old self had me and millions of other teens around the world fawning over. From the moment he walked out in a sparkling black suit and grabbed his mic stand, I immediately knew this would be a great performance. The stage design and lighting were immaculate and the man has incredible stage presence. Jesse is super interactive with his audience, has quite an expressive face while performing, and held eye contact with myself and my camera several times throughout the show which, I mean come on, I loved. 

I had been curious about what the setlist would look like because although the majority of his fan base comes from his older music, this tour is promotion for his recently released EP “All’s Well”. It was impressive with the well balanced mix of old and new music that was performed. I have genuinely enjoyed Jesse’s newer music from this EP and his last album “New Stage”, but was of course hoping to sing along to some nostalgic tunes as well. 

Well Balanced

It seems as though many artists tend to be embarrassed of their old work and act like some songs don’t exist, or refuse to perform material from the years they were just starting out. This often leads to disappointed fans who would love to relive singing along their old favorites. It was refreshing to see that while Jesse has new projects that he is proud of and wants to focus on, he clearly acknowledges where he got his start and doesn’t shy away from embracing the fact that his fans still love his old music. He seemed to be having just as fun on stage performing “She’s No You” (2004) as he was singing “Yours” (2021). 

The show was completely sold out, the venue packed to the brim with screaming fans. During a quick instrumental interlude Jesse had a quick change into a more comfortable t-shirt and pants outfit to sing the second half of the setlist. He led up to one song explaining that he had written it years ago and it has been his most successful songwriting experience. 

Turns out he is the writer behind “Bleeding Love” by Leona Lewis! Jesse sang his version of the song while playing the piano. He then explained that he usually picks an audience member to serenade but that his old science teacher was in the crowd tonight, so he pulled her up on stage for a sweet reunion. 


The show ended with an encore of the iconic “Beautiful Soul” that had the floors bouncing and fans (including myself) singing along to every word. There are a few stops left on Jesse McCartney’s All’s Well tour and I’d recommend grabbing a ticket because it is a night you won’t want to miss. Jesse McCartney in NYC was a blast

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