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JoJo Tour 2022 – Ottawa

Last night was the final stop on the north American JoJo Tour 2022 – Ottawa, and we certainly couldn’t miss it. Shows finally coming back means we get to see some amazing live shows. JoJo has is a seasoned vet now having been on the scene for several years and I am for one am a big fan of her powerhouse vocals


Opening the night at the Bronson center is Amaal hailing from Montreal. I have not had the pleasure previously, but Amaal was surprising. This being some of her first shows back out of local down always has the potential to make you nervous, but she rocked it like a champ. A 3-piece band played her onto the stage and right from the start she put in work. Showing her vocal skills with the fluid band backing her, Amaal made that stage hers and the fans ate it up. They jammed out with her on every one of her songs and when she jumped up and down that vocal ladder they went nuts. I got to chat with her quickly after her set and she was nothing short of great both humble and excited just to be there enjoying the fun. Even made sure to tell me to get home safe.


Our main event is the incredibly beautiful JoJo. Coming on to the scene at a young age JoJo has been killing it for a while. Having smash hits like Leave (Get Out), Too Little Too Late, and Loose Control with Timbaland on Shock Value II (One of my personal favs) gives you an idea of her range. Before the show, there was an intimate meet and great for select fans. Touted as one of the nicest people ever, JoJo took the time to chat with each and every one of these fans during a deep Q&A as well as play some stripped-down tracks for VIP soundcheck. Not only does she love interacting with her fans, but she made sure to make that part of the night special for everyone.

The show itself was nothing sure of amazing. The stage kit was simple and stripped down which opened the floor up to move around. With a small band by her side, JoJo took that stage with a force. There were some amazing light displays which gave you the feel of a stadium-sized show in a smaller venue. Playing a 20ish song setlist there was a nice mix of new and old to cover all the fan favs. It’s always amazing seeing tracks you enjoyed from radio play live like Too little Too Late.

Closing out

JoJo Tour 2022 – Ottawa wrapping up this leg was nothing short of amazing. Amaal started the night out strong, and JoJo brought it home like only she knows how. I for one am excited I got to check this out and what a great way to keep the music going out of lockdown. I can’t wait until the next show.

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