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Josh Ramsay live in Ottawa

I got the chance to check out Josh Ramsay live in Ottawa on this stop of his solo tour. The frontman for Mariana’s Trench took some time during covid to exercise his chops and put together a solo album with some amazing features and different genres. We got the chance to sit down one on one with Josh to talk about the album with the release of the single Lady Mine feature Josh Kroger of Nickelback which left us excited to see Josh live. For this leg of the tour, we got the pleasure of having Tyler Shaw opening up the show which is always fun. Having seen Tyler live before and being a fan I knew that we would get some good music starting out the night. Comedian Matt Lodder and DJ George Thoms were on deck first to start out the night.

The Bronson Center played host for the night which is a venue I’ve been to several times. A surprise to me was the fact this show was a seated event but I think we all knew that wasn’t going to last very long. Matt Lodder got on stage and spent a few minutes warming up the crowd and like most comedians poking fun and would-be hecklers. DJ George Thoms was up next and he very instantly had some of the fans on their feet with this mix of some hits from all over the board. The ladies loved it and came to the stage to dance and sing along. Good was to get the energy flowing.

Tyler Shaw

Tyler Shaw was on deck next and came to the stage with this acoustic guitar ready to go. This stripped-down more intimate performance made for a great showcase for the music itself. This wasn’t exactly what I expected for the type of show we were coming to see but Tyler being a pro made short work of stealing the crowd’s attention and having them sing along with him for all his songs. One of my personal favs which Tyler talked about writing for his wife is With You which he ended off the set with. As Tyler ended his set he let everyone know he would be out front to meet people and take pictures. I made sure to go say hey and grab a picture because I am a fan also!

Josh Ramsay

It’s the time of the night and the fans are ready at the front of the stage. The lights dimmed and Josh and his touring band hit the stage to cheers. The backing track started and Josh lit up the mic with his powerful vocals starting out the night with Reckless Heart. One thing about Josh is that he is always the performer. Equipped with his guitar he rocked out track after track playing to the fans and having a blast. I didn’t know this but Josh can rip some amazing harmonica solos which he made sure to show off to the fans. There was a meet and greet prior to the show where one of the fans gave Josh a fun hat he made sure to wear on stage.

Tyler made his way back on stage near the end of the set to the surprise of the fans so they could rock out together and cap off things the right way. This was an amazing show even with the confusion around seating at the start and I for one am glad I got to check it out Josh Ramsay live in Ottawa.

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