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Joyner Lucas takes Chicago

The anticipation is electric, Joyner Lucas takes Chicago with Dax, and Millyz poised to ignite the stage at The Riviera. This show has been a highlight on my watchlist for months, and the chance to capture these incredible artists through my lens is nothing short of monumental for my photography career. The energy in the air is palpable, and I can feel the collective excitement of the crowd ready to erupt. This is more than a concert; it’s a moment in time that I am honored to immortalize through my work.


The time has come, the lights dimmed within The Riviera, the crowd erupted in cheers, their anticipation reaching its peak. Millyz took the stage, a beaming smile on his face, ready to greet the enthusiastic Chicago audience. As Millyz moved effortlessly back and forth across the stage, delivering his finest artistic work, the Chicago crowd began to connect with the Massachusetts native, fully embracing his performance. As his performance progressed, Millyz made a point to engage with the Chicago crowd.

At a pivotal moment, he descended into the sea of fans, transforming the atmosphere with an electrifying rendition of his hit “Opt Out.” The crowd surged around him, phones raised to capture every second, their excitement was evident. As Millyz delivered each verse with unrestrained energy, the audience danced and sang along, fully immersed in the moment. The connection between Millyz and the crowd was undeniable, creating an unforgettable experience filled with raw adrenaline and unbridled enthusiasm.

Unfortunately, all great moments must come to an end. As Millyz’s enthusiastic performance concluded, leaving the crowd buzzing with energy, the stage lights shifted and the anticipation grew once more. Dax was preparing to take the stage, ready to build on the electrifying atmosphere and deliver his own unforgettable performance.


Emerging with a commanding presence, Dax effortlessly commanded the attention of the crowd as the brief intermission drew to its conclusion. With the opening notes of his hit single, “Dear God,” Dax’s boundless energy during this rendition captivated the audience. He evoked a sense of awe as he seemed to transcend into the atmosphere with a commanding presence reminiscent of a deity. During his performance, Dax noticed a dedicated fan in the crowd and inquired, “What’s your favorite song?”. The fan eagerly responded, “Dear Alcohol.” Taking a moment, Dax stepped back and asked, “Do you know the words to the song?” With a confident nod, the fan affirmed, “Yes!” Dax graciously handed over the mic, allowing the fan to take center stage while he remained seated, observing.

It seemed the fan may not have been quite prepared for the spotlight of performing “Dear Alcohol.” Sensing the hesitation, Dax smoothly intervened, reassuringly stating, “It’s okay, I’ve got you.” With a quick return to the stage, he seamlessly resumed the performance of “Dear Alcohol,” ensuring the audience enjoyed every lyric:

"I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize I got wasted I got wasted 'cause I didn't wanna deal with myself tonight My thoughts get drowned until I feel alright I keep drinkin' 'til I'm someone I don't recognize I got wasted"

After a beautiful moment of unity between the artist and the crowd, Dax continued his electrifying performance, delivering a few more singles from his extensive catalog. Each song was executed with impeccable skill and infectious enthusiasm, leaving the audience in a state of rapture. This was my first-time witnessing Dax perform, and I was captivated by his dynamic stage presence, powerful vocals, and genuine connection with the audience. His charismatic, high-energy, and heartfelt performance transformed The Riviera into a vibrant, pulsating hub of musical magic. The evening was nothing short of spectacular, a testament to Dax’s remarkable talent and ability to engage and inspire his fans.

Joyner Lucas

The moment we’ve all been waiting for has finally arrived: Joyner Lucas is about to take over The Riviera. As the lights dimmed, the atmosphere became electric, with cheers, whistles, and roars erupting from the eager crowd. The projector began playing a Joyner Lucas-produced and -featured sitcom. To summarize, the short film portrays Joyner enjoying the best life within his household, constantly interrupted by the loved ones he cherishes.

As the sitcom drew to a close, it ended with Joyner lying in his mansion bed. Suddenly, the curtains opened, revealing a live scene: Joyner in a replica of the bed, rising as if straight from the screen to get ready to perform for the Chicago crowd. This seamless transition from film to reality had the audience in awe.

Joyner launched into one of my favorite tracks from his new album, “Not Now, I’m Busy,” starting with “Put Me On.” The stage lights danced around him, highlighting his dynamic presence as he delivered each line with intensity and passion. If you haven’t heard the first verse, let me give you a taste of his genius:

"I don't need no intro for you niggas, put my beat on (yeah) Take them bullshit rappers out your playlist and put me on (yeah) This the type of shit to blow the speakers out your Neon (uh-huh) Not right now, I'm busy, ho, don't call me, I'm on Piedmont (brr) Hit me when the D gone (uh) Man, the block is hot, this ain't no street for you to speed on (Joyner) Ever since a youngin, always knew one day I'd be on (be on) Sick and tired of strugglin', I know this ain't where I belong."

Following his powerful opening, Joyner smoothly transitioned into performing “I’m Illy” from his album Not Now, I’m Busy. Mr. Lucas delivered this track flawlessly, akin to a game-winning buzzer-beater in the final moments of a championship game. His dynamic stage presence was palpable, and each verse hit with precision, amplifying the crowd’s energy.

The mesmerized audience erupted in roars that grew louder with every beat, their eyes fixed on Joyner as if under a spell. His performance captivated their attention, slicing through the air with the precision and finesse of Zorro’s blade. The lights, the sound, and Joyner’s commanding presence created an electric atmosphere, transforming The Riviera into a realm of pure musical magic.

As the evening progressed, Mr. Lucas took the crowd on an unforgettable roller coaster ride through different realms of his extensive music catalog, performing hits from various albums. Chicago’s crowd enigmatic enthusiasm fueled Joyner’s energy, prompting him to dive into the sea of die-hard fans, who relished the opportunity to experience their favorite artist up close.

As Joyner cruised on autopilot through the crowd, the roars, cheers, and sing-alongs amplified, creating an electrifying atmosphere that reverberated through The Riviera. The venue transformed into the epicenter of the musical universe, making it the only place to be that evening. Joyner’s seamless navigation through the audience, coupled with his powerful performances, left an indelible mark on everyone present, solidifying the night as a spectacular and intimate celebration of his artistry.

As the night closes...

As the evening drew to a close, a sense of melancholy settled over the crowd. It’s always the hardest part when a show ends, especially when it’s an artist I deeply admire. Joyner stood center stage, expressing heartfelt gratitude to everyone who attended his tour this evening. He offered words of encouragement and appreciation to those who have supported his rise in the music industry.

Before departing the stage, Joyner had one last surprise for the audience. He announced the development of his new album, ADHD 2. The crowd erupted in a frenzy, thrilled at the prospect of their favorite artist returning in the future to deliver another masterful display of his musical prowess and genius.

In conclusion, reflecting on the evening from my seat, I am filled with a profound sense of gratitude. What a special and spectacular night it was. I want to thank Joyner, Drew, and Trevor for allowing me to be part of the team covering this magical and majestic event in our beloved city as Joyner Lucas takes Chicago.

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