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Juan Wauters Live in Texas was on deck this weekend. It was a great way to enjoy the weekend. The venue was fun, the crowd was excited and I was ready for some new music.

Oscar Andy

The night started off with Oscar Andy, his folk music had me and the crowd captivated. His first song on the list is “Spring and Water” it is harmonica and guitar filled, it’s actually an older song of his. “Sunny Gun” is a more country upbeat song it quickly captured everyone’s attention. The lighting on stage captured his whole performance perfectly, with blue and white tones that matched his vibe. “Honey Bee” made me want to get up and dance. Next is “Sun of Light,” Oscar wrote the song as an ode to Apollo since he is the god of the sun. Personally, this was my favorite song he performed tonight.

After Life Dating Site

Next, the two-person indie band After Life Dating Site took the stage. Their set was a very energetic refresher before the main show started. They have an amazing stage presence and the crowd clearly loved their set by jumping along to their music. One of the singers jumped into the crowd and went wild around the stage. Chillwave is how I would describe their set; their music reminds me of the band “The Garden”. So if you’re into that genre of music go listen to them!

Juan Wauters

Finally, Juan Wauters started his set with a guitar-filled song called “Woodside Queens” and immediately filled the room with positive energy. “Guapa” had the crowd dancing and singing along, it brought the crowd together quickly. His style of music is something I have never heard of before. So, if you’re searching for new music Juan Wauters is the perfect artist that fits under the indie genre. One of his newer songs called “Powder” off the album “Real Life Situations” was a hit it’s a mellow-sounding song I loved it. His songs are all very unique and different from each other. Juan Wauters Live in Texas was my first indie concert so I had no idea what to expect, needless to say, the energy was amazing.

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