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July Talk in Halifax

After numerous attempts to catch July Talk in Halifax, I finally had the opportunity to witness their electrifying performance at the Light House Arts Centre in April. The rockers, hailing from Toronto, brought along their fellow Torontonian, Nyssa, to kickstart an unforgettable night of musical magic.


Nyssa, a solo performer on stage, immediately commanded the spotlight with her captivating presence. Adorned in a striking red spandex suit that perfectly matched her boundless energy, she kicked off her set with the infectious track “Go Away Evil” from her 2020 release, Girls Like Me. While Nyssa didn’t rely on flashy stage antics and was accompanied only by a laptop, her 80s-inspired indie rock vocals, combined with her magnetic stage charisma, effortlessly held the audience in rapt attention. As she wrapped up her Halifax debut with the soul-stirring 2017 single “Life Is Hard,” we couldn’t help but yearn for an encore.

July Talk

July Talk had always been a band I’d heard raving reviews about but had never had the privilege to experience live. Fortunately, that night changed everything. The moment the six-piece band graced the stage, the crowd erupted into an ecstatic frenzy. July Talk wasted no time, launching into the anthemic “After This” from their 2023 album, Remember Never Before. The energy in the room was nothing short of electric, with searing guitar riffs and the audience’s contagious enthusiasm driving the night. To our delight, the band treated us to an incredible cover of David Bowie’s “Suffragette City,” with Nyssa joining them on stage. Leah Fay Goldstein and Peter Dreimanis, the dynamic duo with their distinct voices and unwavering energy, led the charge all night, backed by an ensemble of exceptionally talented musicians. Even after July Talk delivered an awe-inspiring 21-song setlist, including a three-song encore, fans weren’t ready for the night to end.


It’s no wonder the Maritimes adore having July Talk in Halifax. Their journey from intimate shows at The Carleton to packing venues like the Light House Arts Centre is a testament to their extraordinary talent and the ever-growing passion of their fanbase. I eagerly await the opportunity to witness July Talk live once more!

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