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July Talk in Winnipeg

On April 6th, July Talk in Winnipeg treated us to an electrifying concert at the Burton Cummings Theatre. July Talk, the renowned alt-rock band from Toronto, was on tour with the talented duo Crown Lands from Oshawa. The audience was eagerly anticipating the show, knowing that July Talk always brings their A-game when performing live.

Crown Lands

Crown Lands opened the show, and they were the perfect choice to get the crowd warmed up. Their music was heavily influenced by 70’s prog rock, with clear nods to Led Zeppelin and Rush. Despite being just a duo, they commanded the stage with their double-necked guitar and monster drum set. The audience was completely captivated, and Crown Lands held their attention throughout their entire set.

July Talk

As soon as July Talk took the stage, the energy level skyrocketed. Leah Fay and Peter Dreimanis, the band’s dynamic vocalists, have an undeniable chemistry that electrified the audience. Their music is a unique blend of electronic grooves and hard-hitting rockers, and they hit hard on the opening track from their latest album ‘Remember Never Before’.

July Talk played a mix of old favorites and new songs from their latest release. Although they stuck close to the studio recordings, the new songs fit seamlessly into their setlist. The audience was thrilled to hear tracks like “Champagne” and “The News” performed live, with Fay and Dreimanis’ vocals taking on a raw and powerful quality that simply can’t be captured in a studio recording.

But what truly sets July Talk apart is their chaotic energy and stage presence. The band members move constantly, jumping and dancing around the stage, and Fay and Dreimanis have a playful chemistry that is both entertaining and endearing. Their connection with the audience was palpable, and the entire theatre was filled with a contagious energy that lasted throughout the show.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, July Talk in Winnipeg was an unforgettable experience. From Crown Lands’ impressive opening act to July Talk’s explosive performance, the audience was treated to a night of incredible music and showmanship. Fans of July Talk won’t want to miss this tour, and those who are new to the band should make it a priority to see them live. This is a concert that will leave you energized and wanting more.

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