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JVKE and Nicky Youre in NYC

JVKE’s first stop on his inaugural two-show tour was of course the big apple. Irving Plaza welcomed JVKE and Nicky Youre in NYC on January 25, 2023.

Nicky Youre

Nicky Youre opened the show with an energetic set featuring his hit song ‘Sunroof’, a few other originals, and some great mashups and covers. Nicky is very interactive with his audience, taking selfies on fans’ phones, talking to the crowd, and even coming down to chat with people in between sets. I must admit I only knew two of his songs before the show, but now have many more saved to my Spotify after experiencing his charismatic performance. A big shoutout to Nicky’s guitarist Josue Vazquez for killing it onstage as well. The vibes from this man are impeccable and he exudes positive energy on and off stage.


Jacob Lawson, professionally known as JVKE has taken over social media with his TikTok viral hit ‘Golden Hour’. JVKE opened his set with another one of his popular songs ‘This is What Falling in Love Feels Like’ off his 2022 debut album ‘This Is What ____ Feels Like (Vol. 1–4)’. The venue was jam-packed full of screaming fans who knew every word to the setlist. The curtain opened to a unique set meant to represent JVKE’s bedroom. Complete with a bed, desk, and clothing rack. JVKE entered the stage wearing red flannel pajama pants, and hoodie, and socks with no shoes. Throughout the show an omnipresent “Alexa”-esque voice narrated JVKE’s feelings and thoughts dependent on the impending song.

In Closing

Overall, JVKE and Nicky Youre give a terrific show. With how things are going for both online, I see many more live performances and extended tour runs in their futures. Make sure you check these two out when you get the chance, they will only get better from here.

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