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JVKE And His Rise To Fame

Jacob Lawson better known as ‘JVKE’ started to rise to fame in 2020, fans discovered him on TikTok and instantly fell in love with his music and personality. JVKE is a singer, songwriter, and producer from Rhode Island. JVKE does it all, from his incredible vocals to his guitar, drums, and piano abilities. JVKE announced his headlining tour in February of 2023. Fans took to social media in a craze and ticket sales rose leading to a multitude of tickets being bought by his adoring fans especially ones who were going to see JVKE headlines in Philadelphia.

JVKE Headlines His First Tour

Friday rolls along and fans are in a frenzy in anticipation for JVKEs first ever show at The Theatre of Living Arts. The venue is packed with eager fans smiling from ear to ear. JVKEs fans are extremely dedicated, some stating they were waiting outside from the night prior. Walking into the venue you could see a very unique setup on stage which felt familiar to all, a bedroom. JVKEs set starts off by an automated ‘siri’ voice recording letting fans know they are about to take a deep dive into the mind of JVKE. JVKE hits the stage wearing a cozy sweatshirt, pajama pants and socks, tying into his theme of feeling at home. 

JVKE Gets The Party Started

JVKE greets his fans, and the night is about to begin! JVKE is extremely engaging and made sure the crowd felt included, at one point even taking out his phone to film a fun tiktok of him on stage “in bed” with a sea of fans behind him. Between JVKEs “room” setup and fun lighthearted visuals, it feels like an immersive deep dive into a playground of JVKEs mind and where his creativity stems from. It was a fun night that catered to all ages, families, young kids, and teens were seen as well as adults there to enjoy the show! JVKE continued on his set playing multiple instruments, one being the Ukulele! JVKE asked for a show of hands who traveled to be there with him, his jaw nearly dropped to the floor to learn how far his supporters would go for him, it was an endearing moment. I had the pleasure of meeting a younger fan of JVKEs who explained to me they usually don’t go to concerts due to anxiety, the show comes to an end and I happened to run into this fan again. Concerned to see them crying, I asked how they were. They told me that they were flooded with such joy from JVKES performance that it brought them to tears. They exclaimed how not only JVKEs personality but setup made them feel safe and at home, completely disintegrating any previous anxiety they had. JVKE gave fans an evening to remember as well as a night away from any troubles they had, you are able to just sit back, relax, and indulge in the story of JVKE and how his music came to be. 

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