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Karl Wolf live in Ottawa

Karl Wolf live in Ottawa brings his DIY (Do It Yourself) Tour to town. Karl states through his Instagram post that this tour he will be producing and headlining his very first nationwide tour, where he will be taking the audience through an immersive, behind-the-scenes, studio-like live concert experience with all his keyboards and controllers at the center. For a show on a Tuesday night in the capital, it felt more like a weekend party vibe. Karl Wolf knows how to make an entrance! From the start of the set, he was up top on the balcony of the palace nightclub, getting the crowd hyped up as he made his way down the stairs, through the crowd, and onto the stage. 

With the crowd already feeling his energy as soon as he hit the stage, that’s when the crowd erupts and the party started! 

Special Guest!

After performing a few of his hit songs such as Africa and Yalla Habibi, he brings out Ottawa’s own Chrissy Spratt to perform their song Bloodline. Feeling the crowd’s big energy, Karl jumped off the stage and into the crowd to sing a few songs with them. The best moment of the night was in between songs Karl took the time to thank everyone and point out people he remembered from past shows and acknowledge them for the kind messages they have sent, or a moment when they saw him last. He even had a shoutout and brought a fan on stage for singing along to every single word and for being a super fan. Karl really cares for and appreciates his fans. 

A Karl Wolf show is more than entertainment. He makes you feel like you’re a part of the show because of how inclusive he makes it for everyone. If you haven’t been to a Karl Wolf show, you have been missing out. He is all high non-stop energy from start to finish.

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