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Kenny vs Spenny in Halifax

During their 20 Year Anniversary tour, we got to see Kenny vs Spenny in Halifax. The dynamic, and often grotesque duo, unleashed their humour onto the crowd gathered at the Spatz Theatre.

After some quick jokes from local comedic openers, the crowd burst into cheers when Kenny Hotz and Spencer Rice emerged on stage. In typical Kenny vs Spenny fashion, there was a plethora of Kenny roasting Spenny throughout the night, as well abashed quips and sharp wit from Spenny when he’d get heckled by the crowd. The Canadian pair spoke about their humble beginnings – losing out on their pilot episodes originally shot for MTV and later the USA Network, but finally finding the start of their success when they brought their finished pilot to CBC Television. Despite a series of cancellations from CBC Television, and later from Showcase Television, the Kenny vs Spenny show went on to broadcast across international channels; from Denmark, the UK, and even Australia. The show even attracted the attention of Matt Stone and Trey Parker, the creators of the animated and boundary-pushing show South Park, who joined the executive production crew for the comedy series’ fourth season.


The duo played several behind-the-scenes and deleted scenes from their comedy series that were deemed too inappropriate to air on television; an impressive feat considering the kind of content that made them famous. Most of the visuals are too absurd to put into words, but any fans of the original Kenny vs Spenny series should be able to use their imaginations to fill in these blanks. In an unexpected turn of events, Kenny talked about the passing of his dog and expressed visible grief over the death of his beloved pup Frankie.


Having Kenny vs Spenny in Halifax was quite the sight, even if their theatre stage show was a bit of a departure from the typical antics they’d carry out on their show, although that may have been too much to handle in person.

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