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Kevin Drew in Halifax

A rainy Sunday evening set the perfect stage for an enchanting experience of Canadian acoustic music, featuring the return of Broken Social Scenes’ Kevin Drew in Halifax, NS, accompanied by the talented Zoon on their Canadian tour. 


 The night began with Zoon, a shoegaze solo artist hailing from Selkirk, Manitoba. He captivated the audience with ambient noise music, creating a trance-like atmosphere of positive vibes. Transitioning seamlessly, Zoon then treated the crowd to a series of acoustic songs, setting the tone for the rest of the evening. Notably, Zoon released his third album, “Bekka Ma’lingan,” in 2023, marking a significant addition to his musical journey since 2019.  

Kevin Drew


Following Zoon’s captivating performance, the stage welcomed Canadian icon Kevin Drew. Bursting onto the stage with a humorous remark that instantly connected with the audience, Kevin, with a local Haligonian by his side, delivered an unforgettable and soothing show. Throughout the night, a medley of instruments added depth to the performance, creating a melodic tapestry that resonated with the diverse audience.  

A highlight of the evening was the collaboration between Kevin Drew and Canadian folk pop sensation Rose Cousins. The duo graced the stage with a harmonious blend of their talents, showcasing the beauty of musical collaboration. Another noteworthy guest appearance came from Jenn Grant, a Canadian Folk Pop star with an impressive collection of East Coast Music Awards and Juno Nominations.  

It was evident that Kevin Drew harbors a deep affection for Halifax and the East Coast, a sentiment that permeated the entire night. The genuine connection with the audience, the sprinkling of humor, and the collaborative spirit on stage collectively made for a memorable and intimate musical journey through the heart of Canada’s acoustic scene. 

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