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Knox takes over The Echo in LA

Last night at The Echo in Los Angeles, music lovers were treated to an evening of soul-stirring melodies and captivating performances as Maryjo Young took the stage as the opening act for Knox. The venue buzzed with anticipation as the audience eagerly awaited the show that was about to unfold.


Maryjo Young, a rising star in the indie folk scene, kicked off the night with her enchanting presence and angelic voice. Accompanied by her acoustic guitar, she effortlessly commanded the stage with a blend of heartfelt lyrics and soulful melodies. From the moment she began her set, it was clear that she had a gift for connecting with her audience on a profound level.


Songs like “I Woke Up” and “Should Be Us” showcased Young’s amazing songwriting skills, each verse painting a vivid picture of love, loss, and the beauty of life’s journey. Her voice was filled with emotion, filling the venue with warmth and vulnerability. The audience hung on her every word, captivated by the raw honesty of her performance.


One of the highlights of Young’s set was when she brought out beach balls and had the time of her life with the crowd. 


As Maryjo Young concluded her set, the crowd erupted into applause, deeply moved by her performance. She left a lasting impression on everyone in attendance, solidifying her place as a rising star in the music industry.


In a whirlwind of beats and electrifying energy, Knox took center stage at The Echo in Los Angeles, delivering a performance that left the audience breathless and craving more. From the moment the first chords of “Not the 1975” reverberated through the venue, it was clear that the night was destined to be one for the books.


As the crowd surged forward, Knox commanded the stage with an effortless charisma that held everyone in thrall. With “Not the 1975,” Knox established the tone for the evening – a blend of nostalgia and innovation, paying homage to influences while carving out a unique sound of their own.


“Sneakers,” with its irresistible groove and catchy hooks, had the audience dancing and singing along from the very first note. The energy in the room was insane as Knox delivered a performance that was captivating.


But it wasn’t just the hits that captivated the audience; it was the moments in between – the stories shared by Knox, the genuine connection forged with the crowd, that truly set the night apart. Whether recounting the inspiration behind a song or simply sharing a moment of vulnerability, Knox made it clear that this was more than just a concert; it was an experience to be shared and cherished.


As the night came to a close, the crowd erupted into applause, their voices ringing out appreciation. Knox had delivered an insane performance at The Echo in Los Angeles.

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