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Larkin Poe in Vancouver

Nashville roots rockers, Larkin Poe in Vancouver on Friday night shook the streets of downtown as they treated a nearly sold-out Commodore Ballroom to a night of good ol’ southern comfort tunes. The sibling duo is known for their ferocious guitar playing, soulful vocals, and giving every ounce of power they have to their performances – and they did not disappoint Vancouverites. Backed by a small, yet mighty band, comprised of a drummer and bassist/keyboardist, the quartet mustered up enough energy and force to challenge a West Coast earthquake, and the audience responded with even louder, more boisterous cheers and applause. From the moment they stepped on stage, backed by strobe lights and the recognizable intro of Cream’s “White Room”, the venue and its patrons of all ages were cast under the tantalizing spell of rock and roll.


One attendee even got so excited that the band had to stop the first song, 20 seconds in, to have him removed for aggressive behavior while he tried to literally claw his way through the crowd, just to be closer to the captivating energy put forth before him. It’s not as common nowadays to see a grown man go absolutely feral for a band with a lap steel guitar player, not since the 70s’ at least, but that is just the kind of effect Larkin Poe has on an audience, and I say that in the most positive way possible.

The band handled it with grace and southern charm, checking on the crowd before encouraging kindness and restarting their set with the 2022 hit “Strike Gold”, somehow even more explosively than before. With guitar tones as smooth as butter and vocal harmonies sweeter than honey, the Lovell sisters are somehow able to encapsulate all of the warmth and sunshine-soaked sorcery of the southern / blues rockers before them, neatly packed within two small in stature, yet massively talented beings.

Bring it all home

Though the band hadn’t been back to Vancouver in quite some time, they made fans feel as if it was their home, ripping through a setlist of their most popular hits including, “She’s A Self Made Man” and “Preachin’ Blues.” They even sprinkled in a taste of some iconic rock covers, and each sister took their time to flex their nearly incomprehensible talents with mind-boggling guitar solos.

A treat to the senses, Larkin Poe in Vancouver gave fans, a performance that will not soon be forgotten, one that left the surrounding sidewalks shaking all through the night.

For more info on the tour check it out right here www.larkinpoe.com

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